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Greetings, and welcome back to an exciting school year!

First, let me thank you for your support and understanding as we, as a nation and community, responded to the unexpected invasion of COVID-19 in March. I am very proud of how our staff, parents, students, and community handled the demands and challenges to complete the school year. Together, we continued to educate and feed our students during the most unusual of circumstances.

Madison Local Schools will start the 2020-2021 school year with preparations for safety above all others!   During this unprecedented time, much like trailblazing, Madison Local  Schools is cutting a path to a strange but exciting new school year!

Students returning to school is always a special time of year, but due to COVID-19, this fall may be particularly challenging and unusual for our students and staff.   There are so many facets of getting ready for reopening of school each year; however, this year preparedness has taken on even a greater meaning. Preparing for reopening this year includes multiple challenges that we have not experienced in past years.  These include the time it takes to prepare classrooms with safety measures, the high cost of getting ready to go back to school during a pandemic,  new and different professional development for teachers,  offering in-person and remote learning, and making sure that we follow all of the health department regulations.

We have brainstormed through many of these items this summer. We had to learn to plan for a year when there are so many unknowns.  Madison employees have had to ask themselves questions about what this next school year will look like.   

One of the biggest challenges we had to decide was how would students attend school, how much would be virtual, and would in class learning really take place.  These questions have been spinning in my head over the past few months.  The answers are not easy because I will never accommodate all families.  However, Madison is planning an A/B schedule for the first three weeks of school where students will learn online one day, and attend the next day to keep numbers low and keep distance between students.  This is to make sure that we have all safety measures in place before all students come together.

The Madison staff is excited to welcome our students back to campus beginning on August 17 for a staggered start for three weeks.  We miss our students and know that they need to be in school! As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me by phone or email! 

Dr. Lisa Tuttle-Huff - Superintendent, Madison Local School District