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Seniors present their Senior Exit Projects

Posted on: January 14, 2021
Senior Exit Project

Senior Exit Project

Madison High School seniors recently completed a major milestone toward graduation: presenting their Senior Exit Projects! The Senior Exit Project serves as a type of “capstone,” where students conduct extensive research over a topic of their choice throughout the fall semester, write a research paper, and then create a presentation over the learned information. The Project strengthens students’ skills in time management, communication, perseverance, and technology, and is a great way to prepare them for whatever their next step is. 


Over thirty students shared their newly-acquired knowledge on a variety of topics: everything from video game evolution to the influence of memes on society, and some more personal on body image and dysmorphia. Like many other things, presentations looked different this year -- some students even presented via video conference! -- but all speakers did a wonderful job of enlightening the audience on their chosen topics.