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Peachjar to make distributing information easier

Posted on: February 26, 2021


By Joel Brown, MLS Theater Manager


Madison will now be emailing school and district flyers home to families using an online system called Peachjar. Instead of printing out paper copies to distribute to students to take home, Peachjar will enable the school to send information to families quickly, saving the district duplication costs and staff time. Parents will not have to dig through backpacks or ask students for flyers, but instead will be able to read them in their emails and on their phones, with no need to download an app or fill out a registration form. If there are multiple flyers being sent, they will be combined into one daily Peachjar email. 


This system will be used for information sent out to all students in the district or in an individual school (MES, MMS or MHS); flyers from individual teachers or grade levels will still be printed and handed out to students, although Peachjar is planning to add the ability to send flyers for individual grade levels in the near future.


Flyers emailed home might also include buttons to easily find additional information, complete signup forms, or send an email reply. Families will also be able to view an online flyer board to view recent Madison flyers. School booster groups and community organizations can also send flyers through Peachjar, though all flyers will be approved at the district level before being sent, and email addresses will not be shared with any groups.


You can find out more about Peachjar on their website