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innoVationGirls nurtures young female creative selves

Posted on: February 12, 2021


InnoVationGirls, a program that nurtures inventive thinking and leadership in young women, is offering a Shark Tank program throughout the month of February, along with four scholarships for young women to participate in the program. 


InnoVationGirls offers young women a variety of opportunities, including learning the program’s inventive thinking methodology, applying it to virtual reality while working on real projects, and even going on to coach and lead teams of other young members. The program offers three areas for young women: 


  1. Apprentice, ages 10-12, where the students learn the methodology of design thinking and systematic inventive thinking in a fun and engaging environment while developing a network of lifelong friends. 

  2. Designer, ages 13-15, where students have the opportunity to own their own VR headset and design products with their teams for real businesses. They will also be able to develop their virtual resumé to show colleges and future employers. 

  3. Leader, ages 16-18, where students are able to develop leadership skills as they coach teams of apprentices (ages 10-12). Leaders will continue to build their portfolio, and even have the chance to earn more money and a seat as an innoVationGirls board members. 

Benefits of participating in the innoVationGirls program includes: 


  • Design thinking

  • Systematic inventive thinking

  • Communication & presentation skills

  • Work on real business challenges

  • Earn money on projects

  • Virtual portfolio/resumé

  • Leadership training

  • Lead teams of younger iVGs

  • Earn money as an iVG coach

  • Become an iVG board member

  • Learn how to design in virtual reality

  • Work on design projects in VR

  • Work alongside corporate innovation team

If you are interested in the Shark Tank program or any other innoVationGirls program, please visit their website here