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Questons about reopening?

Posted on: July 24, 2020
Reopening Questions

This section will be updated as parents/guardians have specific questions regarding re-opening!  We have published a FAQ regarding reopening in this District News section! After reading that document, we encourage you to email us to ask your question concerning reopening!  lisa.tuttle-huff@madisonmohawks.org



Who must wear a mask?


            All students grades 3-12 must wear a mask in school. All adults will wear masks.

            Any student grades K-12 who rides a bus to and from school must wear a mask.

            Students with medical conditions will be exempt from wearing a mask.


Does my child have to bring a clear backpack?


            No. Clear backpacks are just a suggestion for parents who want to cut down on the time

            that students spend in the hallways and touching lockers frequently.


If my child wants to choose the remote option, can they still participate in school sponsored after school activities?

            The remote option is for those students who have a medical condition or a fear of contracting the virus. Students             who participate in school sponsored extracurricular activities should not choose this option because these activities             will promote a greater risk for contracting the virus.  If a student plays a sport that is not school sponsored, this             does not apply. 


Are there two remote plans?

         Technically yes!  There is the plan for students who have a medical issue or fear for someone who has a medical issue          close to them and choose the remote option in August.    This choice will be facilitated by the ESC for K-8 and          Edguenuity online curriculum with a Madison teacher for grades 9-12. 

         There is a virtual option or remote option that will happen if the governor would close schools again.  This option is          for all students and will be instructed by Madison teachers. 

 What are the protocols for a student riding a bus?

  •        When loading the bus, the bus driver will ask the first students on the bus to move to the back of the bus.
  •        If a student refuses to wear a mask, they will not be permitted to use the school transportation.
  •        If a student does not have a mask at the bus stop, they will be offered a mask.
  •        All students grades K-12 must wear a mask to utilize school transportation.
  •        Bus Drivers will wear masks while on the bus.
  •        Bus routes will be similar to every other year.
  •        Bus routes will be assigned closer to school starting.
  •        Siblings should sit together.
  •        Seats will be assigned.
  •       The bus will unload in reverse order with students remaining seated until the group before them has exited the          bus to avoid jamming up of the aisle way and maintaining social distancing.
  •       Bus Drivers will sanitize the bus after each route.


What has the school done this summer for reopening the school safely?

  • We have been developing a reopening plan with teachers and staff to make sure that our students and staff are safe in our buildings.
  • We have engaged and encouraged everyone in the school and the community to practice preventive behaviors. These are the most important actions that will support the school's safe reopening and will help them stay open.
  • Implement multiple COVID mitigation strategies (e.g., social distancing, cloth face coverings, hand hygiene, etc.
  • We will communicate, educate, and reinforce appropriate hygiene and social distancing practices in ways that are developmentally appropriate for students, teachers, and staff when school opens.
  • We have integrated COVID mitigation strategies into co-curricular and extracurricular activities (e.g., limiting or cancelling participation in activities where social distancing is not feasible may be an option).
  • We have professionally developed our staff on maintaining healthy environments (e.g., cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces).
  • We have been making decisions that take into account the level of community transmission, which is low right now.
  • We are repurposing unused or underutilized school spaces to increase classroom space and facilitate social distancing, including outside spaces with tents for mask breaks.
  • We have developed a proactive plan for when a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19.
  • We have developed a plan with Butler County Health Department to conduct case tracing in the event of a positive case.

 Will there be a bus for Butler Tech students on Aug.1. when they start?

  • Since Butler Tech first day is August 11th, transportation will be providing a bus to and from Butler Tech only.  Students will need a ride to and from the high school from August 11 until August 14th. Starting Monday Aug. 17th Madison buses  will pick up Butler Tech students from their home and bring them to school.
  •  A bus will be at the high school at 6:30 am and will be pulling out at 6:50 am. In the afternoon the bus will be back at high school about 2:30/2:35 to drop off students. Any questions please call the transportation office. 513-420-4779.

Will the nurse still give my student their medicine at school?

  • It is recommended for students who can take their medicine at home to please take it in the morning.  The nurse will be diligent about making sure that the students who are sick do not interact with the students getting medicine. However, if there is a possibility that the student does not have to be in the nurses' offices then there is less chance of contracting any illness from another student.