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Sooooo I did a thing this weekend!!! Friday, Momma Glaize and I went prom dress shopping thinking we were just going to pick up a red dress I had previously picked out and decided on! Well during the process I spotted this beauty (while I was wearing the red dress) and I immediately was like "I love floral, mom can you go grab my size in that dress I just wanna try it on!" ANNNNDDDD I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! It is a beautiful dress and I felt so happy in it so it was almost dumb not to get it right?! We also picked up some heels to go with this poppin' dress! By the way, Cane's made green lemonade for St. Patrick's Day so Momma Glaize and I decided to stop in for some green lemonade and great chicken (and cane's sauce DUHHHH)! Musical update: It is going great! We are working long and hard hours just to give y'all a good show (and we kinda love it), but we are super excited to show everyone what we have been working on! Come see the musical April 27, 28, & 29!!!! Thanks for reading, look above for some pics of Friday night! #goodtobeamohawk 
This past weekend, us students at Madison had a long weekend! HALLELUJAH!!! I spent my weekend prom dress shopping, hanging with some friends I definitely don't get to hang out with enough, and rehearsing for the musical (13 hours to be exact!). It was definitely a great weekend filled with great food and even better friends! We got a lot done at rehearsals also! We got a few (AWESOME) dances choreographed and the 13 hours was much needed practice! It has and will be a lot of work but once it comes show night, we will all see that it was worth it! PLUG IN: Come see Thoroughly Modern Millie on April 27, 28, & 29! Thanks for reading and see ya next week! #goodtobeamohawk
This past week in anatomy we have been working on how to measure blood pressure and pulse rate! I absolutely loved this lab and thought it was worth adding it to my blog! I also went to bible study on Monday at Triple Moon and my young life leader/friend Leah took some pictures of me and some of my friends... (the one above with a hamster is honestly the weirdest.) Also my mom and I went prom dress shopping on Friday and while we were up in Monroe we got some Dunkin Donuts which is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE coffee everrrrrr!! I found a few dresses that I like but haven't decided yet!! Fingers crossed I find/choose a good one! Right now I am just hanging on by a thread to the last of my senior year! (I am honestly so ready to graduate in 82 DAYS!!!) I just have to decide which college I am going to end up at and apply for a couple more scholarships and then it's outta here for me! I am super excited to see what the future holds for me and can't wait to share more with you in the coming and closing weeks of my senior year!!! Thanks for reading Mohawks! #goodtobeamohawk
PART TWO>>>>>>>> I am one very tired girl! We had a five hour practice yesterday and another five hour practice today! WE TAP DANCED FOR FIVE HOURS TODAY!! It was fun yet tiring! Sooo that is how musical is going right now! We have been, are, and will be working hard to make this an awesome production and hope to see everyone there! I also spent the night with Danielle on Saturday at my friend/young life leader Leah's house this weekend in Oxford! We had a fun "girl's night" and did some face masks that literally ripped our faces off when we took them off after drying! That was fun and all but the real "fun" was what happened this morning... soooo this morning I woke up and got ready to go to church with Leah and Danielle at Leah's church, Crossroads Church in Oakley... they left a little earlier than me because we were driving separate so I took my stuff out to my car and was going to go back into the house to grab my phone and purse because my phone had the address to the church and my purse had my license to drive in it. Well the door had locked behind me when I walked out of the house to take my stuff to the car... I was locked out with no phone or license! LOLOLOL MY LIFE!!! Sooooo anyways... I went around to each side of the house to find a window that was unlocked and I finally found one that was unlocked (of course it was that last window I checked) and I had to grab a chair to climb through the window because the window was too high... I finally got in and grabbed my phone and purse and by that time... church was already half way over! WHATTTTTT?!?! Sooooo that's how my Sunday started off! Tell me how you spent your Sunday! DM me on Instagram or Twitter @ linzglaize or message me on Facebook @ Linzie Glaize!!! Thanks all for reading this long post and story! #goodtobeamohawk
PART ONE>>>>>>>>>GUYYSSSS I was irresponsible and forgot to do my blog last weekend! Sooooo I am going write two blogs! One for last weekend and one for this past weekend! This is last weekend's blog! Sooo last weekend was a four day weekend for us students and I spent mine at sleeping and doing some crazy things!! Above there are pictures of a few things I did! I went to Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop with my friend Sydney and my young life leader Leah! I also went to campaigners (bible study at triple moon) on Monday and we had a little adventure in downtown Middletown... (my young life leader Zo is petting a painting of a horse) and then that night we went to Wendy's and she poured ice all over herself just for a video!!! I spent the night with a few of my friends that live in Oxford and (this I going to sound weird and it is weird) we cut a huge stuffed bear open and then proceeded to dance around in it!! We also went to Chipotle and Graeters!!!! Soooo that was my weekend last weekend and it was definitely a crazy one! Thanks for reading!!! #goodtobeamohawk
Here are some pictures of some good friends and old times in honor of this past weekend! February 9,10,11 was the "It's Only a Play" production at Madison. The cast of 8 had an amazing time and we had so much fun performing and hanging out after the shows! What an awesome weekend! Now that it is over, it is bittersweet! The play ends, the musical is just beginning! Now it is full on musical season where I eat, sleep, and breath Thoroughly Modern Millie! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us in the play and we hope to see you and everyone else at the musical on April 27,28,29! EXCITING WEEKS AND END OF HIGH SCHOOL CAREER TO COME! #goodtobeamohawk
So as you can see above... I got my acceptance letter in the mail from Miami! I am thoroughly excited and can't wait to start in the fall as a Redhawk! I got accepted into the College of Arts and Sciences to study my major, biology! This is to prepare me for my long road to become a pediatric oncologist! Anyways, this has been a crazy weekend! Crazy practice schedules, crazy exciting news, and crazy weird sicknesses! I am praying for everyone this season! For anyone that has come down with the flu, strep throat, or a sinus infection! I am telling ya... that stuff is making it's way around! Stay warm and healthy Mohawks! #goodtobeamohawk
ANDDDD yet another week filled with musical & play practice, basketball games, and fun adventures with friends! I am also finishing up some applications for scholarships and I am excited to see how it all turns out! I went and saw The Greatest Showman and it was AHHHHMAZING!!! Everything is going well and I am sooooo ready to graduate... senioritis is hitting hard! I have been doing the same thing for my blog since the beginning of the year and wondering if y'all have some suggestions on what you'd like to read so I can change it up a bit on here! If you want these to be more interesting... message me on Facebook... if you don't want anything to change... HIT THAT APPLE!!! Thank you guys for reading and please send me some suggestions on how to change it up on here! #goodtobeamohawk
Another busy week for ya girl! I've been working on my Middletown Community Foundation application and finishing up some applications for a few more colleges! Musical and pay practices are taking up most of my time now and the play is here really soon! Senior year is definitely going by really fast! I got all of the stuff that I ordered for graduation this week and it is all starting to become too real! I will be legal tomorrow (we celebrated a day early this year because I was so excited for the cake) and honestly it doesn't feel any different but hey I can register to vote and buy lottery tickets! This is a short blog, I know and I am sorry! But hey there is just a little update on my life right now!  Thanks for reading! #goodtobeamohawk
Well the snow days have been super nice! We have been practicing like crazy for the musical and for the play coming up and I am super excited for both but man am I tired from the practices! I got to chill a little today before we go back tomorrow, but I am excited to get back to practicing for the shows coming up! Until May really, I will be busy with practices and ending my high school career, getting ready for college and my future! I will try my best to keep my blogs interesting and not all about the play and the musical! Just an apology ahead of time because I know it will slip into my blog somewhere! There really is no theme or underlying statement this week! So above, there are some pictures of some of the people that I love! Enjoy! #goodtobeamohawk
I am super excited to announce that Madison Jr./Sr. High School is putting on a production of Thoroughly Modern Millie and I am THOROUGHLY honored to say that I will be playing Millie! I am very blessed with an amazing group of friends that will be by my side throughout the ride... aka... the most amazing cast there ever was! I am so excited for this musical season and the long, hard, yet fun practices to come! This blog is dedicated to new friends, old friends, and the best cast yet! See you all on the dance floor! XOXO, Millie! #goodtobeamohawk
P.S. The picture above was definitely done professionally... can't you tell?
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wow!!! This break has been full of holiday activities, food, family, friends, and plenty of chill days! Even though I have enjoyed this break, I am pretty ready to go back just because I want to go back and get this year/high school under my belt! When I get back, I have so much work to do to make sure I am set and ready to go for my future! Anyways, this blog is yet another late blog and is focused mainly on last week! Christmas was awesome and I am superrrrrr pumped to use my new ENO hammock that I got! That was honestly my favorite gift! Last week was also mainly about the "three Fs"- Family, Friends, and Food!!! The three Fs are some of my favorite things! I got to see some friends and family that I don't see very often and got to ring in the new year with my best friend! It was an awesome break and I can't wait to get back to school to experience new things and adventures that I can share with you! Thanks so much for reading! See ya next time! #goodtobeamohawk 
I AM SO SO SO LATE ON THIS BLOG!!! I was supposed to have this done Sunday! My schedule has been unbelievably crazy! Finals week had my head spinning! Anyways, last week I spent my week studying for finals, hanging with some friends, and doing some Christmas shopping and gift exchanges! I love Christmas time! It is definitely the best time! As you can see in the pictures above, I went from being lazy to crazy to well, crazy again! I am truly blessed with the best of friends, family, and community! Tis the season to be a Mohawk! Thank you all for reading LAST WEEK'S blog lol. #goodtobeamohawk


So I took a little turn from my usual blogs! Usually I talk about all of the things I did that week and share a few pictures! Not this time! If you know me, you know that I am very passionate about kids! I just love them and I can't help it! This past weekend I had the pleasure of babysitting my favorite kid to babysit! I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity of babysitting this awesome kid! The video above shows you just how fun and crazy this kid and our times together are! I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoy little Josh! Thanks for reading and watching! P.S. Meghan Trainor is Josh's favorite. Hints to why I picked the song! #goodtobeamohawk
GUYYYYSSSS! I had an awesome weekend! First of all, I had no homework which is the first time since the beginning of the school year that that has happened! Second of all I got to try something new this weekend which was super cool and I am glad I did! Last I GOT A PICTURE WITH AN ALPACA! I was sooooo excited! Alpacas have become my new favorite animal! Look at the picture... he is literally smiling! I was able to do this because Friday my parents and I went to see the live nativity scene at Community Harvest Church (it was amazing) and they had lots of animals there! We also went through Light Up Middletown (a family tradition). Then afterwards we went to Bourbon Kitchen! It is a great new restaurant in Middletown on Verity Parkway next to Spinning Fork! It was some of the best food I have had! I highly recommend it and when you go... try the sea salt caramel ice cream with a waffle! AHHH-MAZING! (I ended up going there Friday, Saturday, Sunday.... Amazing). Last, but certainly not least, I went to a ladies lunch and shopping day with some of the women at my church! It was super fun and I'm glad I got to spend the day with my mom eating some great food and getting some serious shopping done! Hands-down one of the best weekends in a long time! See y'all next week! #goodtobeamohawk