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Hey guys! 
This long weekend has been super busy for me. On Friday I got to visit Miami University for their "up-close" visit. I've already visited once before, but this one was for accepted students to get a closer look at the campus and get a better feel for what it would be like to attend there. I really enjoyed it because I got to talk with the program director of my prospective major, and got a lot of new information about the university. On Monday, I basically did the same thing at Ohio University. While it was great to get to see both campuses and really picture what my life would be like there, it also left me feeling a little overwhelmed! I'm pretty stressed about making a decision that will ultimately effect the rest of my life.. but I know if I follow my heart I'll end up making the right choice. 

Life Lately

Hey Mohawks!
I've been busy with work and school. I'm really looking forward to this long weekend. I have two "up-close" college visits planned! I'm very excited to get a closer look at both of the campuses I'm interested in going to. Hopefully, after these visits I'll be able to make my final decision! Also, for my TASC assignment I'll be working on safety council. Be on the lookout for details about events that we're putting together on my blog!
Catch ya next week! 

how to maximize your productivity and create habits

As we enter into February, you might have fallen off the wagon when it comes to keeping those new year’s resolutions.  But that’s okay! The beginning of a new month can be the perfect time to refocus on the goals you set earlier. I’m sharing my tips with you on how I have learned to create habits, and use my time in the best way possible.


Start small. When you’re first creating your goals, you might want to take on a lot. But it’s best to start with things that you can actually attain. This way, you will build confidence, and can slowly take on more as you go.           

Reward yourself. Whether it be a quick nap, or a small treat. When you have something to look forward to, you’ll be much more likely to complete your habits.

Manage your energy. If you know your super tired in the mornings, try to do your harder tasks at night. Knowing what type of energy you have at certain points in the day will help you stick to a schedule that will allow you do be the most productive.

Have a morning routine that you stick with. Whether this be meditation, a warm shower, or sitting at the table and eating breakfast. Having a routine that you follow every morning will help you feel prepared for the day.

scholarships, scholarships, and.. oh, more scholarships

Hey mohawks! I hope you’ve all been having a great week! This has been a stressful one for me. I’ve been trying to get on top of applying as many scholarships as I can, and a lot of deadlines are approaching. I’ve also been thinking about my final decision for college, but I’m not quite there yet. Anyway, since I’ve been super overwhelmed I’m sharing some tips that some underclassmen will hopefully put to use in the coming years!


Always, always, always keep an updated resume!

Remember that stupid naviance resume you had to fill out in 9th grade? That’s actually going to come in handy. When you’re a senior trying to remember what on earth you participated in and for how many hours, you’ll be happy you kept it updated! So be sure to log into naviance frequently and update it with volunteer hours, organizations, awards, etc! If you don’t want to use naviance, that’s okay too! Try using google docs. This is another easy way to create your own resume, and it will also give you the flexibility to add color, and other features that naviance doesn’t include. Google docs is also great because it’s accessible from any computer. I’ve linked an article below on how to create a resume, check it out. Additionally, this resume will be SO helpful with applying to colleges as well. And a professional resume can give you the edge you may need to get into your favorite university.



Make a to-do list

Be on the lookout for scholarships that are available. Keep a list of due dates and a to-do list for application processes. Many scholarships will require work from your guidance counselors, transcripts, ACT scores, etc. So a to-do list will help keep you organized so you don’t forget something important. You can find scholarships on naviance and also on our website.


Be on the lookout for scholarships, and apply to as many as you can

Start looking for scholarships early. There are a lot of great sites that can help you search for scholarships applicable to you. Additionally, when you find those scholarships, apply to them! The more you apply for, the better chance you have at being awarded one!


Keep all your old essays

That poem you wrote for your english class, a research paper for science, keep any essay or writing that you have done. Many scholarships require essays for applications, and you can reuse your old ones. You never know if you may come across a scholarships that has a question that fits an essay you already have. You may also be able to use old writings to add to your new essays. Again, I recommend google docs for this. You can save all your essays here and easily access them whenever you need!  

Today, we honor Martin Luther King not only for his incredible feats as a social rights activist, but also simply for who he was. Dr. King was a visionary. He led with purpose and courage. He was willing to fight for what was right, even when he was uncertain of the outcome. And although his movements had a great impact on racial relations in the United States, there is still more work to be done. We don’t like to acknowledge it, but racism is still an issue. As a society, we have to learn to speak out against injustice. If you see something happening that you know is wrong, say something. If someone makes a comment, call them out. I’m going to leave you with a few of Dr. King’s quotes. Take a moment to think about what they mean and implement his teachings into your daily life.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

Choosing to radiate positive energy

I think there are 3 main concepts in choosing to be positive in your life. I'm going to break them down for you. 


1) What you focus on, creates your reality. 

This is a simple concept, that I think many of us overlook. When something negative happens in our lives, we tend to dwell on it, and let it continue to upset us or hurt us even after it's over. If you take a second to think about that though, doesn't it seem unavailing? When we continue to focus on the negatives of the past, what is that doing to better us? The answer is nothing. What it's actually doing, is bogging us down. It allows that one negative encounter, to continue to affect your life even after it's over. So why do we choose to let what is done, control our future? As humans, we want to be perfect. But the truth is none of us can be. So when that negative experience occurs, we let it control our thoughts. The trick is to focus on the good. When something fun, exciting, or interesting happens, center your day around. Allow the feeling you felt in that moment, radiate from you the rest of the day. Allowing yourself to really take in the good, will help you to center yourself around it. And when something bad happens, let it go. You can't go back, you can't change it, but you can choose to let it control you, or you can control it. 


Look for the good. 

When you have a negative experience with someone, look for one thing you admire about them. Sometimes this can be challenging, but it's possible. When you focus on that one thing about them that you like, it becomes your reality. It's hard think about the good in someone, and still be angry or upset with them. If you can really center your thinking on the good, it becomes so much harder to dwell on the bad. And if you really, really, can't find the positive in them. Remove that person from your life. Don't waste time on people who offer you nothing but negatives. 


Be the light & radiate it.

To be a light, you have to change your mindset. Center your life around the positives. When you do, it will show from the inside out. You have to realize that no one is perfect, including yourself. People make mistakes, and life doesn't always go the way we plan. Implement an optimistic attitude into your day to day life. Believe that good will happen, and pass good onto others. Smile. Show kindness, and gratitude. Most importantly, focus on the good in yourself, and in others. You'll be happier and your outlook will change! 


Making the best of your 2018: a guide to creating goals & achieving them

As cliché as it may sound, 2018 can bring the fresh start you've been longing for. I know many of us go into a new year full of ambition and ready to accomplish all the goals we've set, but as January passes us by, we start to trail off. I believe the KEY to keeping those resolutions are making them ones that you 1) CAN actually do and 2) truly WANT to do.
Here are my tips:
-If you really don't want to stop using your social media... you probably won't. So, make your goals attainable. Cut down rather than cut out.
-Don't spread yourself too thin. It's easy to go into a new year with a page long list of things you want to do to improve yourself, but I recommend narrowing it down to only a few. "You can do two things at once, but you can't focus effectively on two things at once". Allow yourself to put all your time and energy into only one or two things. Then as you accomplish those goals, move on to the next.
-Make it about you. The most important thing about creating goals is that you do it for yourself. If you are self motivated, you are SO much more likely to do what you set out to do. So make goals that will make YOU happy and fulfilled.
Here are some resolution ideas. I think everyone could pick at least one from this list. And if you do, be sure to tweak it to fit you personally.
- Improve your concentration and mental skills (practicing mediation and focus)
- Meet new people
Make it a priority to talk to one new person a week, and not small talk. Strike up a conversation with a stranger, you never know where it may lead!
-Become more active
This doesn't mean you have to hit the weights daily, but making a conscious effort to be more active in your daily life will improve you not only physically but mentally as well.
-Practice gratitude daily.
I know as we get into the rut off our everyday lives, we often overlook many of our blessings. Take some time each day to think about all that you have, and be thankful for it. Tell someone what they mean to you!
-Get smarter.
You ~literally~ have the power to learn about ANYTHING you want through the internet, books, etc. !!! So, get passionate about something new this year! Find something you love and chase it!
-Be present.
We are so caught up in technology (myself included) that many times we are unaware of what's going on around us. So take the time to put the phone down, and enjoy life.
-Express yourself.
Whether this be through journaling, painting, music, etc. Finding an outlet helps clear the mind and will improve your happiness.
Go into 2018 with an open mind, and a hungry heart.

Blogmas: Part 3

Festive Entertainment
Hey mohawks! For part three of blogmas, I’m going to be sharing with you a few places you can go to get in the Christmas spirit! I think it’s always a great idea to do at least one fun thing with your friends and family that truly captures the joy of the holidays. So where should you go?!
Fountain Square Ice Skating
Holiday Hours (December 15 – Jan 1)
Monday – Sunday: 9a to 11p
Cost: $6.00 admission and $4.00 skate rental.
Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo
(Now through January 1st)
Sunday – Thursday – 5p – 9p
Friday & Saturday – 5p – 10p
Cost (general admission): Adults: Online $17 (Gate $19)
Child/Sr: Online $12 (Gate $13)
Niederman Family Farm’s Christmas Display
(Now through Dec. 30th)
Sunday-Thursday 6-9p
Friday & Saturday 6-10p
Cost: Free!
Holiday Lights at Sharon Woods
(Now through Dec. 31st)
Sunday - Thursday 6:00pm-9:00pm
Friday - Saturday 5:30pm-10:00pm
Cost: 13$ per car load
Christmas Town at the Creation Museum
(December 15-23 and 26-30)
5:00 to 8:00p
Cost: Free, but does not include $5 parking or food, retail items, zip lines, camel rides, museum exhibits, and shows.
A Christmas Carol at The Playhouse at the Park
Check website for showtimes and cost.
I’ve seen this play and I would highly recommend it!
The Nutcracker from the Cincinnati Ballet at Music Hall
Dec. 14-24
Check website for showtimes and cost.
I’ve also watched this one and it was amazing!
I hope you get to enjoy at least one of these events this season! :)
~ Emily

Part 2 of Blogmas!
So Christmas is approaching faster than you can say “Rudolph!” and you still don’t have the perfect gifts?! Well I’m here to help. Part 2 of blogmas is your guide to finding just the right present for all of your loved ones!
For your Mom: I’ve come to realize that the things moms enjoy most in life are what comes from the heart. So, if you’re the crafty type I’ve liked a few homemade and heartfelt gifts that I think any mother would enjoy.
Be sure to tweak these gifts to fit your mom’s personality best!
And if you’re not too creative, I’ve listed a few below that any mom will love!
Throw Blankets
Spa Night Essentials (think face masks, nail polish, lotion, etc.)
A hand written letter, telling her how appreciated she is
Her favorite candy/snacks
A water bottle, cup, or mug that fits her style
A candle
A framed family photo
For your dad: I think my dad is by far the hardest to shop for in my family. Basically I try to get things that I know he likes, so I don’t have to do too much guess work.
A shirt from his favorite store (under armour, dick’s, nike)
Gift Cards (they’re easy and will for sure be used)
His favorite candy/snacks
A Yeti
A hat
For your Sibs: While sibling’s ages and interests can vary, I’ve tried to pick some that I think would be great for anyone:
Fuzzy Socks
Bath Bomb
Gift Cards
Water Bottle or traveler cup
Phone case
Her favorite candy/snacks
Lip balm, lotions, body scrubs
Long sleeve shirt/hoodie
Gift Cards
Nike Socks
His favorite candy/snacks
A hat
For your besties: I think you can use any of the gifts I listed above for your friends as well! But I’ve added a few more below also.
Framed photo of you and them
A scrapbook containing your favorite memories together
Matching bracelets/necklaces
I hope this list will be helpful to you in finding the best gifts and remember,
whoever you’re gifting to this season, it’s the thought that counts!
“It is more blessed to give than to receive” Acts 20:35
It's officially December! So to kick off the season I'm starting a series I've called "blogmas". Basically, this will be a run down of all things Christmas including recipes, gift guides, crafts and decorations, DIY's, and more! To start us off, I'm listing my Christmas Playlist. Of course we all know the classics, so I included some more modern versions of my favorites! I think holiday music really does put me in a better mood and makes everything feel a little more special. 
White Christmas - Micheal Bublé
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Micheal Bublé
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Micheal Bublé
I'll be Home for Christmas - Micheal Bublé
Mary Did You Know? - Pentatonix
How Great Thou Art - Pentatonix, Jennifer Hudson
The First Noel - Pentatonix
Mistletoe - Justin Bieber
Baby It's Cold Outside - Brett Eldredge, Meghan Trainor
Carol Of The Bells - Lindsay Sterling
O Holy Night - Mariah Carey
All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey
The First Noel - Lady Antebellum
Silent Night - Pentatonix
I hope you enjoy them! Also be on the lookout for more blogs than usual in the coming weeks! 
~ Emily 

Hey Mohawks!

I hope you all had a wonderful break, and got to enjoy time with your family and friends! I know I did. I went to two Thanksgivings so I got to eat tons of yummy food. On Friday, our history making football season came to an end. It was such an awesome ride, and I’m so glad I got to be apart of it for my senior year. I’m so proud of the football team and how hard they worked to make it this far. Over the rest of break I worked, shopped, and spent time with my family. Yesterday, we decorated my house for Christmas which is one of my favorite things to do! I absolutely love Christmas and the holiday season in general. Here’s to hoping these next three weeks of school and finals go by quickly!


The Importance of Giving Thanks in Our Everyday Lives

Thanksgiving is a time when we all take a moment to appreciate everything we’ve been blessed with. We treasure our families, our friends, this awesome community we call home, our country, and all the other gifts we’ve been given in this life. And although it’s great that we take this day as the opportunity to do so, I think it’s so very important to show gratitude in the day to day. We live in a society that, for the most part, is entitled. We often overlook the good we receive, simply because it’s handed to us. The food on our tables, the clothes we are wearing, the bed we sleep in, all of these are things I know I take for granted. And all of these are things that someone else is praying for. This is why I think its essential that we show our appreciation every day. Thank your teacher, tip your waitress a little extra, smile at strangers, tell your parents thank you, and take a minute each day to be thankful for every gift you have in your life. Additionally saying thank you has the power to transform our happiness health, and success. Harvard’s research suggests, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, enjoy their good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. According to research by the Institute of HeartMath, it also improves the heart's rhythmic functioning, which helps us to reduce stress, think more clearly under pressure and heal physically. It's actually physiologically impossible to be stressed and thankful at the same time. Being thankful floods your body and brain with emotions and endorphins that uplift and energize you. So, as Thanksgiving comes and goes,  I encourage you to practice gratitude daily. Those around you will appreciate it, and it will improve you as well! I hope all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving, and are ready for another win on Friday!

“When you love what you have, you have everything you need.”

~ Emily

Hey mohawks! The school is preparing for another playoff game! It has been so awesome to watch the community come together and rally behind the team. These moments are the ones that make me appreciate how amazing Madison really is. It's crazy how fast this year is flying by. Before we know it, it will be Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, prom, and graduation. I know I've been really stressed out working on college applications, working, and trying to juggle school. It's important that we take time to appreciate what's going on in the moment we're in. I've linked an article below that will help you learn to make the most of High School. I'll see you all at the game Friday! Go Mohawks! 
What a weekend!! The mohawks played their first ever playoff game, and WON!! The atmosphere was incredible. It was such an amazing game, and the boys played their hearts out. I’m so proud to be a mohawk, especially after this historical moment. Cheering in the student section with my friends, and watching as we scored the game winning touchdown was something I will never forget. My throat still hurts from screaming so loud. These are the types of memories that will last a lifetime. And how amazing is it that it gets to happen my senior year? I feel so grateful to be a part of this community, this family, and this school. I’ll be forever thankful to be a mohawk. And I know I will always remember that game. Congratulations boys!
Our team takes on CHCA at Lakota East at 7:30. I encourage everyone to come out and support the mohawks again this week. WHY NOT US?

The Best of Senior Year (so far)

I’m a quarter of the way through senior year, and with that comes applying to colleges, essays, scholarships, and big decisions. While this all can be overwhelming, it’s good to take a step back and appreciate everything that makes being a senior, and a mohawk so awesome.
Friends: This is the last year that your class will be together, so it’s important to make time with your friends.
Family: Realizing this could be your last year at home makes you appreciate them and all they’ve done for you a little extra.
Football: There’s so much to love about Friday night lights and the fact that our team is making history senior year makes it even better.
Classes: Taking a few more laid back classes has made this year feel a lot less stressful. Having free time to work on applications, hang out with friends, and focus on yourself has made everything feel a lot less overwhelming. If you can squeeze an aiding period, or an elective that you truly enjoy in your schedule senior year I highly recommend it!
I know it sounds cheesy, but you really need to take in every part of high school. Go to every game, participate, and have fun, because it goes by so fast!
PS) Be sure to come to the FIRST PLAYOFF GAME IN SCHOOL HISTORY for the Mohawks, Friday @ 7:30 at home! Be sure to purchase your pre-sale tickets for $8 Tuesday-Friday (8am-2:30pm) at the MJSHS Athletic Office or Wednesday and Thursday (5-7pm) in the field house community room.