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Wrapping things up

I’m taking the last moments of High School in. I only have 12 days of school until I will no longer be a High School student. On Monday this week, I had presented my Senior Exit Project on the topic: Which is healthier non-GMO food or organic food? I am very glad I took Senior Exit because I feel like it has prepared me for college in a way, I now know how to write strong and persuasive essays regarding a topic. I also now have experience in presenting in front of an audience and for a longer period of time. Now that Senior Exit is over it is almost like I am riding out the days until I graduate. With all of this free time I am getting in classes recently I have been able to take on something else. The Rubix Cube. That’s right I have begun to take on a 3x3 Rubix Cube. I had gotten the Rubix Cube early last week and after a few days of aimless twisting and turning I went onto the internet to see if I could out more. Once I better understood the cube I tried my luck again, unfortunately, I was never close to solving the cube. I then turned to learning algorithms. I have since learned these algorithms and can now complete the Rubix Cube with no people from anyone else. I may not be able to complete in a quick time but I at least I can complete it! Recently I have also gotten a few updates on college soccer. Later last week the coach wanted me to send in my sizes so he could get all my gear ready for when I show up in the fall. He also sent me the summer workout program. The program consists of a week by week conditing workout as well as a week by week upper and lower body lifting workout. The program will last 12 weeks which is pretty much starts after I graduate and will end in mid-August when I go up to the college. I am very eager to get started on the program and to see what the future has in store. As always GO MOHAWKS!!!

Spring Break

My last spring break from high school has finally past. With only a few more weeks left in school, the end is in sight. In the past, my family and I have traveled around on spring break. Instead of traveling around this year I got to stay at home. With sports going on all week and everyone working their jobs, there was really no time to do anything. My mother and I had planned on traveling east to Hocking Hills State Park to mountain bike and hike around but unfortunately, the weather had other plans. A few days before we planned on going the weather was rainy and cold and it showed no signs of drying up. Thus, we decided not to go. Instead, we stayed at home and enjoyed each others company. Then on Sunday,  my father and I took a trip up to Findlay to watch one of the soccer teams games. Findlay did very well winning there game 4-0. I got to talk with the coaches a bit about there spring season as well as mine. We also talked about rooming arrangements since I just recently got my roommate, another soccer player who is going into the Physical Therapy field. In short, it was a laid-back spring break only doing two things the whole week: celebrating Easter and visiting Findlay once more. My spring could have been worse, therefore, I am appreciative of how nice my spring break really was. Have a wonderful week! Go Mohawks!!

Senior Exit

This semester I am taking the required Senior Exit Project course. In Senior Exit we do very extensive research on a question we have. The topic I chose for Senior Exit is: Organic vs nonGMO, which is healthier? I have worked hard each day in an attempt to do all of my papers the right way and get them turned in on time. I am definitely glad Senior Exit is a required course at Madison. I feel like Senior Exit has prepared me for college. I have learned to type persuasive essays on topics and I have even found out some interesting information on my own topic. Something interesting I found out about the nonGMO and organic is this: Organic seeds cannot be sprayed with pesticides, they must also be grown with organic fertilizer, they are also required by law to not be genetically modified (GM) unfortunately the USDA cannot check to see if seeds have been genetically modified. So organic foods can potentially be a GMO seed raised by organic fertilizer. For something to be certified as nonGMO it must not be raised as a GMO seed. But the seed can be sprayed with pesticides. Soon I will be presenting my slideshow over what I have learned with my research the presentation will last roughly around 26 minutes and include all research I have collected from online sources, self-conducted surveys and, self-conducted interviews. I am looking forward to presenting what I have learned! Thank you all for reading I will be back next week!! Go Mohawks!!!

Fourth Quarter

My final quarter of high school has begun. 4th quarter is here and the school year is almost over. Only 3 months separate me from my diploma. But I still really do not want to leave high school and I especially do not want to leave my friends. So, I will have to savor this final quarter and make it the best! Although this quarter is supposed to be an easier one I hope I do not get senioritis too early. Spring Break is coming up in a few weeks after spring break state testing will be taken by everyone except the seniors so the seniors get to come in late for some of two weeks. I have lots to look forward too in the approaching times. Once school does finally let out I will be working a job and I will be working out. I will need to get as much money as can as I prepare for college. I will also have to stay in good shape because Findlay's fall soccer season will begin not long after the school year starts. My new life begins soon and I would like to say I am ready for the grind! Have a wonderful week! Go Mohawks!!

Beginning of Club Soccer

This weekend my club team had their first official spring tournament. We played 2 matches in the Cincinnati area at Walnut Hills High School and one match in northern Kentucky at a soccer complex. The team had a phenomenal weekend. We gave each team everything we had and for the most part, things went our way. These were the first games that we have had our entire squad eligible to play. With all players attending, we look very good. The performance we had this weekend compared to the performances we had in the fall do not even compare. I am very excited to get deeper into the season to see how well we do against other teams. The team shows lots of promise. I am glad to be on such a great team for my last year of club soccer before I go off to college. I have already made new friends and new memories and the season has just begun. We recently just started practicing outside and practicing for 3 days a week which keeps us all in good shape with our endurance and foot skill. Thank you all for reading!! Go Mohawks!!

Mountain Biking

I finally got to take my new mountain bike out for a ride on Tuesday. My friends and I had decided to get mountain bikes for Christmas. As you know it has been very cold for a bit and this week was a very warm so my friend Taylor and I went out to Rentschler Forest in Hamilton and rode. I was very excited to finally try out my new bike. We rode until the sun went down. I meant to get a picture of me with my bike but the idea never crossed my mind until I was home but next time I go ride I will be sure to get a few pictures. I was satisfied with the way my bike rode. When I would go over rocks and tree roots I would not feel much but a little bump. Going up hills was not too much trouble I have lots of gears on my bike and it will take time for me really understand how well each gear will work for each terrain, incline, and decline. I am very excited to take my bike different places and actual mountain bike parks. I hope my friends and I can do this often and together as a friend group. I am really looking forward to warmer drier weather so I can go ride again. I know there are trails in Dayton and Cincinnati that we have looked up and we have decided as a friend group that we want to get out and ride a lot this summer before we all go off to college. Thank you for reading. I hope you all have a wonderful week. GO MOHAWKS!!

Finishing touches and a long weekend

I hope you are all doing well. Just a quick update on what is going on in my life. Recently I have been diligently filling out scholarship applications. Filling out applications is not very fun but I am sure it will pay off in the long run. Soccer is going well. I am still lifting in my spare time but now I am also beginning conditioning for club soccer. I am hoping to get in really good shape this year so it will carry over to the fall season in college. This week is our last indoor practice for club and next week we will be back outside which is very exciting because there is so much more room to play with outside, plus the drive is shorter. Our first tournament is just around the corner and I am very excited to see how the team will size up against our opponents. Lastly, for the long weekend, I got to kick back and relax with family and friends. I was even introduced to two new games I had never played before: Quelf and Speak Out. I recommend both games as they were lots of fun. Have a great week. Go Mohawks!!!

Aj Signing
Congrats to Ana Sulentic and Hannah Clements on signing to play soccer in college! This week the three of us signed to go further our education and soccer careers. I as well as the girls are very excited to go off and keep doing what we love at a competitive level. I have really enjoyed my time on the soccer team here at Madison and will be proud to represent Madison at the University of Findlay. The signing itself went really well. We had a good turn out and many of my friends came to support me. I got to thank everyone for being there, my parents for taking me near and far throughout my soccer career, and coach Markle for making me a better player each year I played on his team. I wish Hannah and Ana all the best at their colleges, I know you both do great things!

National Signing Day & Super Bowl Sunday

February 7th is national signing day, which means that this Wednesday I will be signing informally at the high school. I will also be signing alongside: Hannah Clements who will be attending King University, and Ana Sulentic who will be attending Saint Joseph’s University. We are all very excited to sign and expect a nice turnout. Ana, Hannah, and I are the only senior athletes who are going on to play a sport in college and we all play soccer! The three of us have kept up on each other in our college search and we are all glad to see that we have each found a college that will fit us. Congratulations to both Ana and Hannah, I cannot wait to see where this journey will take us, I wish you both the best as you play throughout the years.

Today is also Super Bowl Sunday! I am not too involved in the NFL but I know enough about rules players and teams to have a good idea on what is going on. I don’t really care much for wins and who loses. But today I will be spending my Sunday at a friends house. Our group of friends are all going to meeting together to watch the football game, enjoy each other’s company, watch commercials, and enjoy really good food. On Super Bowl Sunday I usually spend the day with my family and we’ll order pizza and watch the game but this will be nice change. Thank you all for reading, I hope you all have a wonderful week! Go Mohawks!!!


Today I want to quickly talk about dedication and what it means to me. Dedication is defined as committing to a task or purpose. I would define it exactly as that. I feel that I am a very dedicated person... to soccer and making myself better. I think to be dedicated to something also means you must have a strong passion for whatever you are dedicating yourself too or else you may fail to reach your goals. I would also say I have a strong passion for soccer.  I have committed myself to workout plans for better footwork and workout plans for strength building. Personally I believe it really pays off to give dedication to something, especially when it’s something that means alot to you. For instances school, if you read your assignments, complete your homework, study for tests and prepare in advance for projects, you will get good grades. It only sets up good habits for what’s ahead for you. As you continue through school each year it gets harder and harder. They are building blocks though for the next step in life, for me that’s college. If you want something out of life it takes work and dedication. Work and dedication comes easy when it’s a passion that you have. I workout regularly between my sport seasons to keep in shape. This is hard work but it pays off when I hit the soccer field the first few weeks of the season. I’m not winded when we run and I have better stamina to run the necessary drills we are doing. I workout six days a week at the gym for about two hours. This takes a lot of time out of my day but I think it worth it.  I hope Physical Therapy will become a great passion for me in my future so that the job itself is enjoyable to me.     

Settling in and club soccer

This past week I finally started getting use my new class schedule. Winter break is long gone and I am just now getting use to my schedule. To be fair we have not had a normal 5 school day week since December. These snow days are very sought after considering we did not have a single snow day last year. I believe this year we’ve already had 3 snow days and 1 two hour delay. This week my club soccer team had their first practices. I am very glad to be back with some of my friends, and to start playing competitive soccer again. In March our season will start with a showcase tournament in Cincinnati. So that means that our season is very close. In past years I have been on some team that do not start as early as March, I never liked that too much because I always seemed like we practice for months upon months and only play for a short amount of time. Now we practice for around a month and a half and our season will slowly begin. I hope you all have a wonderful week!! GO MOHAWKS!!!

2nd Semester

This is my final semester as a Madison High School student. I am only one semester away from graduating from high school! I am very excited for this semester, I know it will be lots of fun. It is Thursday, January 11th, our fourth school day of this semester. I am beginning to catch onto my new daily routine. Christmas break was a lot of fun. I got to hangout with my friends and family, and I got to sleep in most days! I had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. Spending it with my friends and family is how I always celebrate and this year was no exception. For the first time probably ever I was wanting school to start back up, just so we beginning my final semester. I know I have said this too many times but the thought of me being gone and off to college in 7 or 8 months is bizarre. For right now I am trying to apply for as many scholarships as I can. Applying for all of these scholarships is something I have never done before, and it is kind of overwhelming. I get probably 3 emails a day from these scholarship websites that tell me to apply to these scholarships, most of which I am not eligible for (due to location). Nevertheless I must push through all of this because it all over soon. Although it can be a bit too much at times, I know I must press on and keep applying for new scholarships or else I will regret it when I am paying for my student debt. Thank you for reading, and I hope you all have a great weekend! Go Mohawks!!

Christmas Break

First semester of my senior year is over. I am surprised as to how quickly it passed by, but this is also exactly how I expected things would go. Before I started high school and all throughout high school people have told me that my high school years will fly by, and they were right. High school is quickly coming to a close and it seems like it all just started not too long ago. Only one semester is left of my high school career and as exciting as it sounds it is also bizarre to think that I will be living on my own soon, doing my own things, and making my own choices. Senior year has by far been my favorite year of high school and I am only halfway through it! I imagine that second semester will only be better. We will completing all of our remaining credits in preparation for graduation. As for my first semester finals. I think my first semester finals went very well. I never came across anything I did not know and every answer I got was logical. I do not have any plans over the break except for visiting with family for Christmas. Nevertheless I will be making the most of this break by spending time with my friends and family. Hopefully we can get a few days of snow so my friends and I can go sledding. I am also excited for the new year because as you all know 2018 is my graduating year! I have had lots of great memories in 2017 and I expect even more good times in 2018. Thank you all for making 2017 so enjoyable!  I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Winter Favorites

The first day of winter is next Thursday, December 21st but I figured this week would be best for me to talk about my favorite things of winter. So here are my favorite things of winter.

Snow: Although, I don’t like the cold as much as I like warm weather. I do enjoy snow, snow is something not everyone can experience and it is something I am glad I can experience. When snow is falling I think it always looks so nice, it brings a relaxing sense to my day. Even a few days after it snows, snow is on the ground. After it snows you can also go play in the snow. I know my friends and I are planning on sledding lots (weather permitting) this winter. With snow also comes the potential snow day!

Sledding: At Madison we have the wonderful “church hill” for those of you who don’t know what the church hill is, I will tell you. The church hill is a very big hill not too far from the school. Atop the hill is a church, hence the name church hill. Every year after it snows, everyone of all ages goes to this hill, some with families, to sled. My friends and always make efforts to go there and sled. It truly is a lot of fun. I have also been to perfect north slopes, which is always fun with friends, but there is also a place in New Paris, Ohio, called Valley’s Edge Snow Tubing. I have went here many times, sometimes with friends, and it has been lots of fun. It is not too popular which is a shame, because it is such a nice place. Although it is nice since it is not a well known place you do not have to worry too much about waiting in long lines.

Christmas Lights: I have always liked Christmas lights. I think it is always fun to put out Christmas lights. I think it is always cool to go look at Christmas lights. Whether big or small any Christmas lights are cool to see. At our house we always string Christmas lights around our trees, and put out an inflatable snowman. This year we finally put out our icicle lights along the edge of our roof. We haven’t done this in a while and I am glad we finally put them out. Lastly, I always liked to go this Christmas light parks and farms to look at Christmas light displays. I think is cool to see all the colors spread across an area for all to see.

Christmas Movies: It seems like during Christmas time I always watch a lot more movies than I usually do. These of course are Christmas movies. I really enjoy watching these movies but I did really enjoy them when I was little. Every Christmas Eve when we were little we use to watch The Polar Express, now that we are older as a family we watch the movie Elf. I am glad we have this family tradition at our house. It is always nice to kick back with your family on Christmas Eve. I know I will have family traditions at my house for Christmas.

Watching my dog play in snow: My dog Koda is a house dog, but she does love to be outside… when it’s warm. For some odd reason when it snows she’ll just run around in the snow bouncing up and down. When my brother and I were smaller we would sled on the hill next to our house and Koda would always race us down the hill and jump on us, or she would try to bite and pull our sleds out from underneath us so she could beat us down the hill. After a while though she’ll want to come inside, and sit next to our warm fireplace.

Thank you all for reading, I’ll be right back here next week!

Merry Christmas!!