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Rich Natiello, Treasurer

Georgia Flannery, Treasurer's Assistant

The Treasurer Department’s responsibilities encompass the receipt, accounting and disbursement of all the funds of the school district. These duties include accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, employee benefits and financial reporting as required by applicable laws and in accordance with board regulations and policies, accounting, payroll and financial reporting requirements of the District.

The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of the District, directly responsible to the Board of Education. The Treasurer also serves as secretary to the Board of Education and as such, records and has custody of Board meeting minutes, files and certifies certain documents. In this role, all contracts, documents, and the official minutes of all Board meetings are kept for safekeeping. The statutory duties of the Treasurer are set forth in ORC sections 3313.22 through 3313.32.

This includes the following functional areas:

Investment and debt management
Budgeting services
Receiving and disbursing services
Payroll services
Financial accounting services
Auditing services
Property accounting services

Please contact the Treasurer's Office for specific financial document requests at 513-420-4750.