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State Testing Information


State achievement tests are taken at grade levels 3-8 and include high school end of course exams. Assessments include English language arts in grades 3-10; mathematics 3-8; Algebra I and Geometry end of course high school exams; grade 5 and 8 science; and Biology end of course high school exam. These assessments give our students the opportunity to demonstrate their progress. Each of these assessments provides a snapshot of their understanding and application of curriculum standards. From a district perspective, these results allow us to benchmark ourselves against similar districts and to identify trends in data that will guide our work with teachers and students.

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Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

  • Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) is a universal screening assessment for students in grades 3-10. Taken on a laptop computer to provide quick results, these diagnostic tests are specifically created to determine each child’s instructional level, measuring academic growth throughout the school year and from year to year in the areas of reading and math. Diagnostic testing is also done in science grades 4-10. The district will share with parents their child’s results and will also use this tool to monitor student growth and individual student needs to ensure each student reaches his or her full potential.
    • MAP was developed by NWEA: Northwest Evaluation Association 
    • Has more than 30 years of researched study 
    • Over 400,000 questions
    • Measures of Academic Progress
    • Tests in reading, math, science
    • Aligned to Common Core and national science standards
    • Provides for continuous measures for grades K-10
    • Multiple choice format
    • Taken on-line
    • Adaptive (questions get easier or harder as student responds)
    • Given three times per year (fall, winter, spring)
    • Reported to parents
    • Lexiles included
    • Used internationally
    Using Results to Drive Learning
    • Students test 3x/year to measure growth
    • Results are broken down by sub-skills
    • Reports are cumulative to show growth over time
    • Shows trends in content/grade level
    • Identifies instructional growth levels-growth over time (not achievement levels-a snapshot of learning)
    • Determines need for supports/stretch
      • Flexible groupings in classroom
      • Intervention
        • RIT below grade-level norms
      • Gifted services
     MAP is different from Ohio State Assessments
    • Assessments OF learning (Ohio State Assessments) determine how much has been learned at a particular point in time (status) in order to report to others:
      • one test fits all
      • timed
      • compare students to other students
      • report status after instruction has occurred
    • Assessments FOR learning (Measures of Academic Progress - MAP) provide feedback that is used to modify teaching and learning activities during instruction:
      • customized to the individual student
      • compare students to self and others
      • untimed
      • inform instruction
      • provide information before, during and after instruction
      • focus on academic growth