Curriculum » Third Grade Reading Guarantee

Third Grade Reading Guarantee

Third Grade Reading Guarantee

·       States that all students entering the third grade must demonstrate a certain level of competency in reading before advancing to the fourth grade.


·       A language arts diagnostic assessment must be given by September 30th of each year for students in Kindergarten through grade three starting 2012-13. MES already does this and includes all students K-6. MES repeat these assessments throughout the school year to make sure our students are growing as readers.


·       If the diagnostic assessment shows that the student is "not on track" to be reading at grade level by the end of the year, schools must provide parents, in writing a notice of this and a description of the interventions the student will be receiving. MES does this through Title 1 reading.


·       District boards of education must adopt board policies and procedures for assessing the reading skill of each student in grades K-3 by September 30th beginning in the 2012-13 school year. MES has policy (2623) that addresses the third grade guarantee already in place. MES has procedures in place for assessing the reading skills of all students in K-6. The assessment data is also recorded and collected.


·       Any student who does not reach the appropriate level of reading competency by the end of third grade will not advance to the fourth grade. Some exceptions, for the 2012-13 school year district may do the following with students not reading the designated score on the third grade reading OAA:

o   Promote the student to the fourth grade if the principal and student's reading teacher agree that the student is academically prepared for grade four based on another evaluation of reading skill.

o   Promote the student to the fourth grade, but continue to provide intensive intervention services in grade four.

o   Retain the student in third grade. (This does not apply to special needs students.)




What is Madison Elementary is doing that is required by this HB?


·       90 minutes of LA's instruction each day. MES provides even more for students who assess below grade level though Title I.


·       Monitor students identified as "not on track" based on diagnostic assessments. MES monitors all students K-6.


·       Identify students’ specific reading deficiencies.


·       A reading improvement and monitoring plan for students identified with a reading deficiency within 60 days after receiving that student's diagnostic results. MES does this immediately.


·       Small group instruction


·       Reduced teacher-student ratio's (done through Title)


·       Tutoring


·       Summer school for third grade reading