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Petermann Busing
The Madison Local School District and Petermann Busing are committed to providing a safe, pleasant ride to and from school. Transportation is provided for all Madison students including alternative transportation to Butler Tech and several private schools in the area.
Bus routes are created during the summer. The bus stop is usually at a nearby crossing street or corner. For safety reasons, buses will not enter cul-de-sacs or dead-end streets, except for students with special needs as required by state law.
Elementary Catalina students will ride the following buses:

Bus 14 Circle 1, 2, 3
Bus 10 Circle 3, 4, 5
**At this time, no one approved to ride MES Bus #5 afternoon route with a friend or relative due to the large number of everyday riders on this particular route.**

Attention Butler Tech Students:
For the 2017-2018 school year all Butler Tech students that need transportation will be picked up at their residence before high school routes begin each morning. Each bus will be assigned an area of responsibility in the district to pick-up these students. We anticipate 4 buses will depart Madison High School between 6:00 am and 6:15 am to  begin these pick-ups. They will be scheduled to return to the high school by 6:55 am.

As in previous years all Butler Tech students will then transfer to one bus that will be staged and then proceed to Butler Tech. This change is due to Butler Tech adjusting their start time as we now have to have these students dropped off 7:25 am.

Please note that the Bus Pick-up Area for all Butler Tech students and non-public school students is at the entrance to the high school bus student drop-off area across from the Elementary upper level. 
Butler Tech students must arrive by 6:55 am and Parochial must arrive by 7:25 am