A Statement To The Community

To the Madison School Community:

The Madison Local School District is being sued for its decision to allow teachers and staff to access firearms to protect students in the event of another school shooting on our campus.

Specifically, the Madison Local School District Board of Education and Superintendent Lisa Tuttle-Huff, Ed.D. are named as the defendants. We have chosen not to name the community members who have brought about this suit, so as not to further divide our community. You can read the text of the lawsuit at Butler County Clerk of Courts Website.

In the interest of preserving the lives and safety of all students attending our schools, the Board has constructed a safety plan clearly focused on stopping a school shooter before yet another tragedy can occur in our district. The reason why anyone would want to work against our goal of protecting students is unclear. What is certain is that the school district is now being forced to respond to this legal action.

The Board of Education is currently evaluating the options for moving forward and is considering the substantial financial burden the district would bear in a protracted legal battle. Regardless of the forces taking action against the district’s policy decisions, the Board and the Superintendent are determined to keep Madison Schools a safe place to learn.

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