Note from the Nurse: Is your child up to date on Vaccines?

Is your child up to date on Vaccines?

Preschool: 4 DTap/DT, 3 Polio, 1 MMR, 1 Varicella, 3 Hep B, 3 – 4 HIB
Recommended: Pneumococcal, Hep A, Flu
Kindergarten: 5 DTap, 4 Polio, 2 MMR, 2 Varicella, 3 Hep B
7th Grade: 1 Tdap, 1 Meningococcal
Recommended: Hep A, HPV
12th Grade: 2 Meningococcal (unless 1st one received after age 16)
Beyond School Years: Recommended Tetanus every 10 years
By the first day of school. Will be excluded on the 14th day if no vaccine.

Your own doctor or nurse practitioner (insurance or self pay)
Butler County Health Department (513) 887-5253 ($10 each)
City of Hamilton Health Department (513) 785-7099 ($10 each)
Primary Health Solutions (513) 425-8305 (sliding scale)
Urgent Care offices (insurance or self pay)
Walgreens, Take Care Clinics (insurance or self pay)
Kroger, Little Clinics (insurance or self pay)
Walmart,, CVS, Target, Rite-Aid or Meijer Pharmacy (insurance or self pay)
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