Madison Athletic Passes - on sale now (or work for one) UPDATED 8/18/16

Click on attachment - all yellow boxes are openings left to work for a pass. 
Madison Athletic Passes - on sale in main office.
All-Sport Family Pass $200.00 (Immediate Family members only- up to 5 people)
All-Sport Family Pass $250.00 (Immediate Family members only - over 5 people)
Individual Sports Pass  $100.00 (Individuals 18 and up)
Individual Student Sports Pass $50.00 (Must attend Madison Local Schools)
Senior Sports Pass $20.00 (for each grandparent living outside the district)
Senior sports Pass FREE (for each grandparent living in the district).
Madison Athletic Passes - FREE to those that work 5 athletic events.
For those interested in working off a pass, you need to sign up for 5 events to work. Attached is the list of events, and duties you would sign up for to work off your family pass. Please read the rules for working off a pass below.
1) You must work 5 events for a family pass or 3 for an Individual Pass
2) Only adults that are 18 or older can work off a pass. (No students)
3) Once you have those 5 dates, you must work them. Failure to have someone work the event will not only cause you to use your pass this year, but not be allowed to work for a pass next year.
4) Show up at the proper site, on time, and ready to work. working for a pass is a privilege not a right. Failure to be on time, at the right spot, and working could cause you to lose your pass.
You can sign up to work for a pass by calling Athletic Secretary Sharon Wiats at 513-420-4788 or by emailing the dates you would like to work to Athletic Director Darren Stevens at
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