Congrats to Noah Lehman

The Madison Athletic Department is pleased to recognize Noah Lehman for his Bowhunting (3D Archery) performances. Noah, a freshman here at Madison, has excelled at a sport that Madison does not offer.
Noah has been shooting a bow since he was 6 years old. In 2015, Noah started to shoot 3D archery competitively. He placed in the top 10 of every event he entered and won the Ohio State Championship. By winning this event, Noah qualified for the International Bowhunting Organizations Indoor and Outdoor Championships. Noah finished 1st in the Indoor World Championships held in Cleveland, Ohio and 5th at the IBO Outdoor World Championships held in New York. Here he competed against athletes from Australia, Japan, and Canada. 
Noah is currently sponsored by Arizona Archery and Shrewd Archery as he continues to compete. The Madison Athletic department would like to congratulate Noah and wish him continued success in future 3D archery competitions.
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