Attention: Students impacted by the Trenton Franklin Road closure


Bus 20 High School Bus Stops                               Bus 5 Elementary Bus Stops

@ The Madison Inn                                                   @ The Madison Inn

Pick-up time- 6:50 am                                                            Pick-up time-7:55 am

Drop-off time- 2:40 pm                                              Drop-off time- 3:35 pm


@ April Circle/Sandra Lee Lane                                 @ April Circle/Sandra Lee Lane        

Pick-up time- 7:05 am                                                            Pick-up time- 8:10 am

Drop-off time- 2:55 pm                                              Drop-off time- 3:45 pm



Drivers will discuss this with all affected students on their bus several times before April 27th.

If you have questions about the road closure you can contact BCEO at 513-785-4151. If you have questions regarding this change please contact your bus driver during pick-up or drop-off time or you can contact Madison Transportation at 420-4779


Thank You,


Madison Local Schools  

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