Update on Testing Schedule - As of 2/21/15

Students testing at Madison Elementary School will follow the schedule below:

Tuesday, February 24th - Language Arts
Wednesday, February 25th - Math
Thursday, February 26th - Language Arts
Friday, February 27 and Monday, March 2nd - Make up testing as needed
Tuesday, March 3rd - Math
Wednesday, March 4th - Language Arts
Thursday, March 5th - Science/Social Studies
Friday, March 6th -
Make up testing as needed

All 7th, 8th and 9th grade students will be taking PARCC tests on Monday, February 23rd and should arrive by the regular school start time (7:42 am).  If there is a 2-hour delay related to weather there will not be testing. 

*High School 1st period will start after testing is completed, at different times, due to the different test lengths.  Times are as follows:

Testing Day 1
– 9:14 am - Monday, February 23

Testing Day 2 – 9:29 am - Tuesday, February 24

Testing Day 3 – 8:59 am - Wednesday, February 25

Testing Day 4 – 9:29 am - Thursday, February 26

Testing Day 5 – 9:14 am - Friday, February 27

*Buses will run at normal times. 

*Students who are not testing (10th, 11th and 12th grade students) will report to the commons to wait until testing is completed.

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