Madison Mohawks Youth Volleyball - Deadline extended to 2/25/15


-3rd/4th graders grouped together and 5th/6th graders grouped together

-Practice on Mondays and Games played on Wednesdays (Practice ONLY the first 2 weeks!)

-6 games + tournament play for the season

-Play six-on-six, rally scoring to 25, must win by 2, cap at 28

-Lowered net for both grade sections at six feet, six inches

-Playing with Volleyball Lites (Volleyballs are regulation size, but weigh less)

-Practice will start Monday, March 2nd

-Games will begin Wednesday, March 18th

-Tournament will begin Monday May 4th and continue Wednesday May 6th


PARENTS there will be a parents meeting (TBA) before the season.  During this sign-up sheets for Line Judges and Scorekeepers will be distributed. You will not be asked to do this during a game of your child’s. Please help us in supporting your daughters by making sure we have a full team for each game played during the season. 


Your child will need: Gym clothes, Gym shoes and Knee Pads


Cost: $40

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