Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr.

The Emmy® Award-winning Saturday morning educational cartoon series and pop culture phenomenon is now the fun and educational musical, Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr. This energetic show follows Kim, a young school teacher who is nervous about her first day of teaching. She tries to relax by watching TV when various characters representing facets of her personality emerge from the set and show her how to win her students over with imagination and music. Memorable songs such as “Just A Bill,” “Unpack Your Adjectives,” and “Conjunction Junction” bring her lesson plans vividly to life.

You can order tickets online now with your credit card, and your tickets will be held at the door for you to pick up the day of the performance. (Note that the SeatYourself website charges a fifty cent per ticket service fee.) Tickets are also available from Ms. Personke, and will be available at the door. All tickets are $5 for general seating. If you require seating in the handicap accessible area, please contact, or call 513-420-4760, ext. 2206.
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