9th Grade Honors English Summer Project

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Honors English I

summer reading project


I. materials needed


      a. Lord of the Flies novel


b. Tuesdays With Morrie novel


c. a 3-ring binder with tabs


d. Lord of the Flies packet


e. Tuesdays With Morrie packet



II. Lord of the Flies


a.  Complete Lord of the Flies vocabulary and language WS


b.  read Lord of the Flies


c.  answer Lord of the Flies study guide questions for each chapter


d.  complete Lord of the Flies Questions for Reflection WS


e.  complete the Lord of the Flies figurative language worksheet


f. Lord of the Flies final test (to be taken first week of school)




III. Tuesdays With Morrie


      a. read Tuesdays With Morrie


      b. answer reflection questions as you read each chapter


      c. complete Quiz 1 after reading p. 1-47


      d. complete Quiz 2 after reading p. 48-99


      e. complete Quiz 3 after reading p. 100-159


      f. complete Quiz 4 after reading p. 160-192


      g. complete Final Test after finishing the novel

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