MAY 9 THROUGH MAY 22, 2014



Friday, May 9                                    $5.00 to Miss Mefferd for Picnic/Flower Walk

                                                Parade vehicles must be approved by Mr. Smith


Thursday, May 15                 Senior’s Last Day

                                                Senior Exams


                        Senior Fun Day (Seniors are to park at the Fieldhouse)

                                                            8:15     Parade Line-up

All seniors can participate

                                                                                    Line up behind MJSHS building

                                                                                    ALL parade vehicles must be approved                                                                                     by Mr. Smith by Friday, May 9

                                                            8:45     Parade

                                                            9:00     Parade Ends

                                                            9:15     Fun Day Begins

                                                            1:30     Fun Day Ends


Wednesday, May 21              Graduation Rehearsal (MANDATORY)

                                                            8:15     Sign in

                                                            8:30     Rehearsal begins


Thursday, May 22                 Graduation

                                                            6:15     Seniors must sign-in upon arrival

                                                            7:00     Graduation




Cap and Gown - Make sure your gown fits and is hung up so the wrinkles will fall out. 

                           If necessary, you may use a cool iron.



Fees - Make sure all fees are paid.  All fees must be paid before Graduation Rehearsal day in order to participate in Graduation Rehearsal.



Graduation Rehearsal – Seniors must arrive at The Oasis church at 6927 Lefferson Road no

                                    later than 8:15 a.m.


                                    Upon arrival, check in and find designated seat and be seated.

Remember, we are guests of the church, so we must be quiet.


                                    Check in with Miss Mefferd


                                    All seniors are required to bring their caps and tassels to rehearsal.


                                    Girls are to bring the shoes they plan to wear at Graduation.


Graduation - No one will go through Thursday’s Graduation Ceremony without participating in Wednesday’s Graduation Rehearsal (unless excused by the Superintendent for emergency purposes only).



Expected Time of Arrival - 6:15 p.m.

                                             Every senior must sign in upon arrival at the designated areas.

                                    No one should arrive before 6:15, doors will be locked until that time.



Parking - Students and parents are to park in the parking lot in front of the church.  Seniors and parents are to enter the building through the front doors.  Seniors are to make their way to the back of the church to sign in. 

The parking lot behind the church is restricted and the back doors will not be accessible to seniors, parents and guests.



Graduation Pictures – Lifetouch will take a picture of every graduate receiving their diploma.
Great Scott Productions will be video taping the ceremony. They will send information about ordering pictures and DVD.



Graduation Attire -


            Boys - Must wear dress pants, collared shirt, and tie.

                        Must wear dress shoes

                        No sneakers or flip-flops

                        No jeans

                        No shorts

                        No gum

                        No writing and/or marks on mortarboard or gown


            Girls - Must wear a dress

                        Must wear white or very light/no large prints

                        Must wear dress shoes/dress sandals

                        No sneakers or flip-flops

                        No shorts

            No gum

                        No writing and/or marks on mortarboard or gown

                        Collars will not be worn and will not need to be attached



In addition, this is a school function and all school rules will be enforced.



Schedule for Graduation day:


            6:30 – 6:45  Line-up

            7:00 - 9:00  Graduation Ceremonies




Remember, this is a very important occasion, especially for parents and invited guests!

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