Preschool and Headstart to follow new 2 hour delay schedule

As of February 3, 2014, the AM preschool class has been cancelled five times due to 2-hour delays.  This is equal to the number of scheduled 2-hour early release days throughout the school year that results in the cancellation of the PM preschool class.  Therefore, to this point in the year, both classes have an even number of cancelled days.  Secondly, when calculating the number of preschool student days on the calendar, 178, to the number of preschool student days included in the billing cycle, 167, there are eleven (11) days built-in at no cost to the parents to offset full-day closures due to unforeseen calamities such as weather.


Finally due to the consistency and frequency of 2-hour delays so far this season, we have created a new 2-Hour Delay Preschool/Headstart Schedule that allows both AM and PM students the opportunity to attend school on 2-hour delay days for a shortened length of time.  The 2-Hour Delay Preschool Headstart Schedule will follow the plan below.


2-Hour Delay Preschool/Headstart Schedule:


AM Preschool Day – Start time: 10:25am     Dismissal time: 12:15pm

PM Preschool Day – Start time: 1:30pm       Dismissal time: 3:20pm

* Buses will shift their times accordingly for pick-up and drop-off.  We have included a modified mid-day busing schedule below for all of our preschool and Headstart students.

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