Online Calamity Day Make-Up Plan

In July of 2013, the Madison Board of Education passed a resolution to adopt an online lesson option for making up calamity days in excess of the five days permitted in Ohio Revised Code.  The resolution, which gained the approval of the Ohio Department of Education, states that the online lessons will be developed by and graded by our teachers in the same manner as all classroom lessons.


As of January 10, 2014, we have currently used 4 of the 5 calamity days permitted.  At the point in time that school would need to be closed for a sixth, seventh, or eighth calamity day, students will access and complete online lessons while school is closed.  Students will have two weeks to complete and turn in required work from the date of the calamity day.  Students who do not have access to internet or a computer at home will receive paper copies of the lessons upon return to school and will have two weeks to complete the assignments from the date they received them.  Work collected from calamity make-up days will be included in the teachers’ grade book and calculated into the student’s final grade.  Students who do not turn in work from calamity make-up days will receive no credit for the assignments and be marked as “absent” in the teacher’s grade book.  

Please see the attached PDF for specifics for the elementary and jr/sr high school

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