Local Report Card

August 23, 2013

Local Report Card for Madison Local School District

The Ohio Department of Education released a new report yesterday that gives our school and community a clearer picture of where we show strengths and areas of improvement in educating our students. Just as your student receives a report card from Madison Local Schools telling you how well your child is doing in class, our school now receives letter grades of A-F on nine ways of measuring school success.

It is important to recognize that this new report card procedure is very different from the old system where schools were mainly assessed on one-time achievement tests and awarded an overall designation ranging from “Excellent with Distinction” to “Academic Emergency.” The new system is using more rigorous and thorough standards and looking at not only the achievement test results but also academic success over time.

One of our new letter grades is for “overall student progress” and we are very pleased to have received a “B” in this category showing that our students are showing above average academic growth from one year to the next.

We also received a letter “B” on our performance indicators. This reveals that based on a series of 24 one-time achievement tests such as the OAA or OGT, at least 80% of our students reached “proficient” or better in 20 of those areas. This leaves room for improvement and clear data for our teachers to know how we can improve in the future.

You will also see an “F” on our report card in an area labeled Annual Measureable Objectives or AMO. This indicates student achievement on a one-time test in reading and math specifically for our students in various subgroups such as students with disabilities and students deemed economically disadvantaged. Like you, we are disappointed to have an “F” on our report card and are committed to carefully examine the data, as well as our practices to develop a plan and immediately begin addressing these deficiencies. We are committed to helping all of our students achieve at high levels!

If you have any questions about the new state report card system or the grades that Madison Local School District earned please feel free to contact me.

Curtis Philpot, Superintendent
Madison Local School District

Click the link below to visit the ODE website and view the full report card.
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