Athletic Pass - Worker's List

Those interested in working for a individual or family pass can do so starting on Saturday night at 12:01 am. To work for an individual pass you must work 3 events, for a family pass 5 events. To register, simply email Athletic Director Darren Stevens the date and position you would like to work at Starting on Saturday the emails will be read in order received. If a position fills, you will be contacted to pick another position.

Before signing up, please read the requirements below. Due to multiple incidents last season we have increased our requirements when working off a pass. Remember, we need you to work to help save cost. Failure to work will result in penalty.

1) Once you sign up, you are required to work those dates. You are responsible for that.
2) No students can work these positions, only adults. Please don't send your kids.
3) Failure to show for your duty or not send someone in your place will have the following penalties.
       Loss of your pass for the remainder of this year as well as next year.
4) You are responsible for remembering the dates you pick. We try to send out reminders, but it is      
    not always possible. Remember, failure to show will result in loss of pass. 
5) Please pick events that will not interfere with you watching your child. If you pick a date when your child is playing, you may not get to see that event.

By emailing Mr. Stevens, you agree to these terms when working for a pass. 

All questions should be sent to Mr. Stevens at
Only email requests will be accepted.

The list of open positions is attached below. If you would like to do line judging for Volleyball or Chain gang for football, simply let me know. Those are available, even though they do not appear on list.

Individual All - Sport Student Pass $50.00
Individual All - Sport Season Pass $50.00
(This pass is for individual Seasons - Fall/Winter/Spring)
Family All - Sport Pass $200.00 Source: Madison Athletic Scheduler
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