Congratulations to our staff members receiving Service Awards for 2012-2013.

30 Years of Service:
Laura Ware - Mathematics

25 Years of Service:
Stephanie Gray - 1st Grade
Wanda Drake - Custodian

20 Years of Service:
Sandy Bergheger - Kindergarten
Mary Beth Hudek - 2nd Grade
Scott Markle - 4th Grade

15 Years of Service:
Tina Myers - Cafeteria Worker
Mindy Banks - 1st Grade
Janet Wells - Aide
Fawn Fox - Mathematics
Russ Melampy - 5th Grade
Aimee Higgs - 1st Grade
Mindy Whisman - Language Arts
Michael Bos - 5th Grade
Paula Brewer - 4th Grade
Christine Sawyer - Mathematics
Teresa Dean - Aide
Don Briggs - Maintenance Improvement and Repair Tech.
Sharon Waits - Secretary
Mary Fose - School Nurse

10 Years of Service:
Amy Brannon - Special Education
Joanna Clippinger - Spanish
Kelly Shouse - PE and Health
Melanie Barnes - Special Education
Tricia Haupt - 1st Grade
Jenny Fink - Aide
Lisa Schoolcraft - Cafeteria Worker

5 Years of Service:
Shawn Lenney - Music
Lana Arend - Title I Reading
Luke Bartlett - Social Studies
Charity Norman - Kindergarten
Jeff Rippl - Science
Darren Stevens - Jr/Sr High School Assistant Principal
Heather Cole - 4th Grade
Gina Cooper - Special Education
Ali Mefford - Language Arts
Cyndi Williams - Aide

Click the link below to view photos from today's Service Awards Breakfast
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