Attention Junior Class Parents

To All Junior Class Parents:

The Junior Class Parents are responsible for all After Prom activities and chaperoning.  The After Prom will be held at The East Butler YMCA on April 14th from 1am – 4am, which immediately follows Prom.  The students will be locked in and not be able to leave until 4am.  With the success of our fundraisers this fall and winter, this event will be at no cost to the students. 

Donations are needed for the following items:

            Paper plates

Plastic ware


            2-Liters of Soft Drinks (Pepsi Products)

            Snacks (desserts, chips, pretzels, etc.)

Donated items can be brought to the school prior to April 12.

We are also looking for a few more volunteers to chaperone the event.  If you are interested, please contact one of the people listed below.

The Committee is also looking for donations of door prizes, such as to be given away during the night.  Thanks for your support!!

2014 Junior Class After Prom Committee:

Teresa Hall                                       Kelly Philpot                                                 Betsy Cox

(513) 464-3476                                (513) 464-6345                                   (513) 422-7861


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