OGT Week

During the week of March 11-15, all sophomores in Ohio will be taking all five parts of the Ohio Graduation Test. Juniors and Seniors who have not passed at least one section of the test will also be participating during this week.

The test schedule for OGT week is as follows:
Monday, March 11 - Reading; Tuesday, March 12 - Math; Wednesday, March 13 - Writing; Thursday, March 14- Science; Friday, March 15 - Social Studies.

It is very important that your child is present and on time at school during this week of testing. Students who are testing will arrive at regular time, and testing will begin at the tardy bell.

Juniors and Seniors who have passed all parts of OGT can arrive as if they are on a 2 hour delay (must provide own transportation). Students who ride buses will be allowed to stay in the Commons during testing time.  Junior High students will follow a normal bell schedule. Buses will run at normal time.
During this week, all Freshmen will be taking a practice test. This test is designed to prepare them for the OGT next year.
Testing locations for all students are as follows:
Freshman Sites:
Room                              Students
108                                 Ader - Dietz
115                                 Duff - Jeffries
113                                 Jones - Morgan
112                                 Murphy - Settle
109                                 Small - Wilson
Room                              Students
110                                 Adleta - Coffey
124                                 Colwell - Gray
121                                 Handy - King
126                                 Kinner - Oliver
125                                 Parsons - Spicer
103                                 Spivey - Yelton
105                                 11th - 12th students
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