Madison Board of Education Approves Hiring School Resource Officer

The contract between the Butler County Sheriff’s Office and Madison Local School District will allow for a uniformed School Resource Officer to serve the entire campus beginning February 4, 2013 through May 22, 2013. The service is reserved exclusively for days that students are in session. 

The decision comes after discussions between administrators and the Board of Education on enhanced security measures in the wake of school related tragedies across the country.

“Safety is always a top priority for Madison and right now, during the height of local, state and federal discussions regarding school safety options, the board felt that this was the best way to immediately increase security and yet allow time to see what policies or mandates may emerge as a result of these talks,” said Curtis Philpot, Superintendent.

In 2011, the School Resource Officer position was eliminated in Madison due to budget constraints both in the school district and the sheriff’s department. The approved contract calls for all expenses, estimated at $10,800 for the remainder of the school year, to be paid by Madison Local School District.

“At this point, the board agrees that having an SRO is a necessity. Although this is an expense we had not originally counted on, we are confident that we can shoulder the financial burden for the remainder of this year which will allow us time to seek options for additional dollars through government funds or possibly grants,” said Philpot.     

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