Hello Potential TASC Team Member,

This is the application for TASC, an alternative pathway to gaining your Senior Exit Project required credit for graduation.  There are some changes to the program for this coming year of which we would like to make you aware. For the 2019-2020, school year the TASC class will now include the Senior Intern/ambassador program that formally existed as a separate class.  This will allow up to eight students to participate – four each semester. The staff will also evaluate students before they are chosen to be a part of the program. There will only be three to four mentors for each semester, so class size is limited.  This means enrollment in the program is competitive.

It is important that you understand the differences in the traditional Senior Exit Project and the TASC program.   

Traditional Senior Exit Project Capstone

TASC Senior Exit Capstone *

  • Use problem based learning skills to find an inquiry based answer to a personally chosen essential research question
  • Write a 2000 word rough draft and final formal research paper based on the essential question chosen
  • Create a 25 minute slide presentation with a 1-3 multimedia element reviewing research, analysis, and ultimate answer found to the essential question
  • Read and analyze academic research based evidence to inform your inquiry and answer
  • Propose and create a research plan of your own
  • Apply personal and professional skills to complete various assignments beyond the major assignments listed above

  • Using collaborative skills to research, propose and implement a solution to a challenge/ problem provided by local or school organization
  • Document the stages of Problem Based Learning throughout the process
  • Propose creative, researched solution in a 20 minute team presentation as well as a professionally developed written format
  • Implement solution proposed, documenting successes and failures
  • Write a 2000 word collaborative formal analysis essay and a 500-1000 word personal analysis
  • Present the process, implementation, analysis and results in a 30-40 minute formal slide presentation
  • Apply professional and personal skills to write various assignments beyond those mentioned above

*Senior ambassadors/interns will complete the TASC requirements

If you still feel you would like to pursue the alternative TASC pathway to receiving your Senior Exit Project required graduation credit, please follow the directions and completely fill out the attached application. Late applications will not be considered.


Due to room 106 or Mrs. Crim’s mailbox by 7:30 am April 25 , 2019


Your name:_________________________________________________________________

Contact information:

Connect teacher and room number:____________________________________ Rm___________

Cell phone number: _______________________________       text: y / n

What time of day is good to call if needed during summer break? ______________________

Email address:__________________________________________________________________________

Driver’s license:  y / n Drive to school:  y / n Allowed to transport others?  y / n

Do you have access to individual transportation to and from mentor site?  y / n

If no, are you allowed to ride with other students your age?   y / n

Individual transportation may be required for this class.


Please share why you have the following qualities of a strong TASC candidate. Respond both professionally and completely using your best composition skills. Be sure to provide supporting evidence (situations, etc.) which shows you possess each quality.

A successful TASC student has the following qualities:

Diligence, responsibility, positivity, is a team player, is personable, academically invested, professional, trustworthy, and respectful


On a second sheet of paper, please share what skills you believe you will bring to the TASC class and hope to gain from being a participant.

If you wish to be a senior intern/ambassador you must also submit a formal letter of application outlining what specialized skills you feel you have to represent the district and a resume. If you need assistance, please see Mrs. Crim.

These written statements, this application, and a staff evaluation of the above qualities will be taken into consideration to determine TASC eligibility.  Once eligible, TASC must fit into the students overall course schedule before he or she will be placed in the actual class. Students will not know if he or she is a participant until schedules are distributed.  Students not in TASC will be placed in a traditional Senior Exit course to meet the graduation requirement.

Statement of Understanding Terms and Conditions

By signing I agree that I understand the application process, the requirements for the course, the student responsibilities involved and the transportation requirements. I understand this course will require time outside of the school day at least 5 times during the semester. I plan to participate in TASC if eligible, but understand that I may opt out to follow the traditional Senior Exit Project curriculum or be placed in Senior Exit due to scheduling conflicts.  I also understand there is an application because there is a limited amount of seats available for the class determined by the number of community organizations willing to participate. This means enrollment in the program is competitive.

Student signature __________________________________________________________ Date ___________________

Parent/guardian signature_________________________________________________Date____________________

Signatures are required for application to be considered.

You may attach any other relevant information you would like considered to this application.  Examples would be a resume, recommendation, or an activities list. The selection committee will consider all information provided.

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