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Hey Mohawks! Wow. What a year! This past year has been full of historical Madison moments. From football, to tennis, to band. As of right now, the football players have one their first playoff game. a feat never before accomplished, and are now the best football team in Madison history. They are gearing up for their second playoff game this Friday. Please come out and support the Mohawk football team! Not only does this year have the best football team in Madison history, but also the best marching band. The band competed in OMEA state finals at the UD Welcome Center where we earned a superior rating, another feat that was never accomplished prior. It is my absolute honor to be a Senior this year, and I am privileged to be a part of such a historic year! This year is flying by much faster than I ever could have imagined, so it's nice to be able to have another football game or another band competition to look forward to. Soaking all the good times in really shows me how much this community means to me and a lot of the other people in this community.
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