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The "Home Field Advantage"

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Hey Mohawks! I know you all may be sick of hearing about our football team but unfortunately, you’re about to again! Friday night was one of the craziest things I have ever experienced. At any given moment during the game, you were able to look around and see hundreds of Mohawks standing and cheering for our team. The stadium was absolutely filled with students, parents, teachers, mini-Mohawks, alumni, and even neighboring schools. The game itself was also extremely intense. When Anna scored for the second time, silence fell over the crowd, but not everyone gave up hope. They watched attentively. With only 56 seconds left, the Mohawks scored the winning touchdown and got the extra point making the final score 14-10. The boys knew they were making history on Friday but decided to take it one step further. I’m so proud of our Mohawks and am looking forward to watching them take on CHCA Friday at Lakota East. I hope to see lots of familiar faces! Now more than ever… it’s #goodtobeamohawk (Video Credit: Kim Joseph)

Uploaded by Jenna Schwab.

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