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So I took a little turn from my usual blogs! Usually I talk about all of the things I did that week and share a few pictures! Not this time! If you know me, you know that I am very passionate about kids! I just love them and I can't help it! This past weekend I had the pleasure of babysitting my favorite kid to babysit! I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity of babysitting this awesome kid! The video above shows you just how fun and crazy this kid and our times together are! I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoy little Josh! Thanks for reading and watching! P.S. Meghan Trainor is Josh's favorite. Hints to why I picked the song! #goodtobeamohawk
GUYYYYSSSS! I had an awesome weekend! First of all, I had no homework which is the first time since the beginning of the school year that that has happened! Second of all I got to try something new this weekend which was super cool and I am glad I did! Last I GOT A PICTURE WITH AN ALPACA! I was sooooo excited! Alpacas have become my new favorite animal! Look at the picture... he is literally smiling! I was able to do this because Friday my parents and I went to see the live nativity scene at Community Harvest Church (it was amazing) and they had lots of animals there! We also went through Light Up Middletown (a family tradition). Then afterwards we went to Bourbon Kitchen! It is a great new restaurant in Middletown on Verity Parkway next to Spinning Fork! It was some of the best food I have had! I highly recommend it and when you go... try the sea salt caramel ice cream with a waffle! AHHH-MAZING! (I ended up going there Friday, Saturday, Sunday.... Amazing). Last, but certainly not least, I went to a ladies lunch and shopping day with some of the women at my church! It was super fun and I'm glad I got to spend the day with my mom eating some great food and getting some serious shopping done! Hands-down one of the best weekends in a long time! See y'all next week! #goodtobeamohawk 
I used this Thanksgiving break to chill out! I get sooo busy during the school year and forget to chill and this break I got to sleep in and chill out! It's been nice to not be busy! So basically Thursday I went over to my grandma's for Thanksgiving dinner and man was it good! Then Friday I went to the football game! It's been such a great season for the boys and I couldn't be more proud of them and what they have accomplished! Saturday I spent at home watching the big rivalry game between Ohio State and Michigan! OHIO STATE WON!!! I am excited to get back to my senior year and make the most of it! See y'all next week! #goodtobeamohawk
I am so sorry that this blog is so late and that I have been so busy lately! Due to our boys going to the playoffs, becoming regional champs, and kicking butt, my mind has really been focused on football! Also play/musical season is coming up so I am getting ready! I am so excited! Anyways, last weekend I went to watch our boys play West Jefferson and become REGIONAL CHAMPS! I can't explain how proud I am of them and all that they have done! I love our supportive, cowbell-ringing community! I am so ready to watch the boys tonight! I'm just praying for a win! Back to last weekend. On Saturday, I finally got a chill day. I had absolutely nothing to do!! I spent that Saturday sleeping in, shopping for some awards for the band banquet on Monday, watching my mom's friend's band perform at Triple Moon, and checking out the new candy shop in Middletown! It was a great weekend! I hope to see y'all at the game tonight in Chillicothe! GOOOOO MOHAWKS!!!! #goodtobeamohawk
P.S. Check out the hype video for this week and the Thanksgiving video on the website! 
Another busy yet awesome and powerful weekend for this girl! First of all, congrats to our boys for Friday night's big win over CHCA! I am super proud of them all and can't wait to watch them this Friday and can't wait to watch them go all the way to State! I didn't get to attend the game though because this weekend I was at OSYC (Ohio State Youth Convention). OSYC is a big convention for all of the Ohio youth groups to get together and fellowship and worship! These weekends help students grow closer to God and meet new friends! It was definitely one to go down in the books! I got to grow closer to God and my youth group this weekend! It was amazing to see all of the students there! I am so excited to say that we had an overwhelming amount of students give their life to Christ this weekend! I am so proud of my youth group and glad to have gone this weekend to the convention! Thanks for reading! #goodtobeamohawk
Wow Mohawks! What a weekend it's been! Friday night's game was so intense and fun to watch! I am so glad the Mohawks came out on top! I just love being there to support our boys and their journey this year! Aside from the boys winning their first playoff game in week 11, marching band also had an amazing yet busy weekend! Saturday we performed at Kings high school for the MSBA circuit and we did awesome! We got to spend 4 hours watching all of the other bands until awards! It was a great stepping stone towards what the band wants to be next year and the years to come! I am so proud! The BIG and exciting day was Sunday! We went to state for the first time in 5 years and I must say, we definitely ended the season with a bang! We are the first ever band in Madison marching band history to go to state and receive a superior rating! I will never forget the feeling I got when I heard the announcer say that Madison got a one! Thank you to all who came and to all that didn't come or couldn't come but still kept us in your thoughts and wished us good luck! It was hands-down the best season and the most accomplished season yet! What a great way to end my senior year marching band season! I am so proud  of this band and so very very very thankful for the opportunity to be apart of such a great family! I loved spending most of my summer and half of the year with all of them! I wish them the best in the years to come and I hope to see them at state next year! #goodtobeamohawk
P.S. Shoutout to Thomas Hall for hooking us up with the escorts on the way back from the competition to help end this very very special day in a big and loud way!
I am a day late on this week's blog! Sorry! I have been so busy and it has definitely been a hectic October! This week wasn't all that fun until Sunday! On Thursday, I went to the FAFSA help night with my parents to sign up for financial aid! Hopefully I'll get some free money! On Friday, the band went to support our football team's last game of the season! (not counting our home playoff game this Friday) The game was literally freezing. It was definitely the coldest and wettest football game I have been to! I am proud of our boys and hoping that they win their game this Friday! On Saturday, I got up super early just to take the ACT. I honestly think it was my best one yet, so I am pretty siked to get my scores back! To finish off my busy week, I went to a Halloween party on Sunday and dressed up as a pediatric oncologist! Check out the picture above! Pediatric Oncology is what I plan to do with the rest of my life, so I thought it would be appropriate to dress up as one for my senior year Halloween! All in all, it was a pretty busy, yet productive week! See ya next week! #goodtobeamohawk
It was another great weekend spent with my best friend and my band friends! Our competition on Saturday was at Turpin High School and we swept our class  by being awarded 1st place, best auxiliary, and best percussion! We also won fan favorite out of EVERY band that performed that day! Backing it up a little bit to Friday... Hannah Hicks and I carpooled to Madi Porter's State match that day to support her! We went to Waffle House with some friends on the way and all of that made for a truly amazing and fun day! Madi did awesome and I am so proud of her for going to State! It was a very successful and fun-filled weekend! I can't wait to share more with you all next week! See ya soon! #goodtobeamohawk
I have some huge news! For the first time in a long time... the marching band is going to STATE!!!! Since I am a senior, you can see how this is a huge deal! Saturday was truly awesome and I was so excited to write about this in my blog this week! There are some pictures above so you can see how everything went this weekend! Anyways, we won best auxiliary, best percussion, 2nd place, and we were voted as fan favorite, along with qualifying for state! This is the first time in 6 years that the Madison Marching Band has qualified for state and the seniors this year have waited 3 years for this opportunity! It was amazing! To end the truly awesome long weekend, I visited Miami University Oxford for a college tour and I must say, that might end up being my home for the next 4 years! I loved the campus! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! The classes are smaller in student to faculty ratio and the classes and various activities they offer are great! I thoroughly enjoyed myself this weekend and I can't wait for the future ahead of me!(or to kick butt at state) See ya next week Mohawks! #goodtobeamohawk
I had another busy and eventful week! Just another week full of band practices and a football game! What's awesome is that the Mohawks took a huge WIN on Friday and I am so proud of our boys for working so hard to get where they are! I am super excited to say that we have a chance to get to the play-offs! Yesterday the band had a 5 hour practice and we finally get to perform our WHOLE SHOW on Friday at the football game! So come out to catch us playing at half-time! I also got some really cool stuff this week! I ordered an awesome water bottle from Sarah's Custom Creations that has the mohawk hashtag on it  and I picked it up this week! If you like it, I highly recommend using her for all of your home good decor stuff! She is AMAZING and everything that she sells is really cute! Follow her on Facebook @Sarah's Custom Creations! Anyways, I also went shopping today and got some tops and a new pair of boots! There are some pictures above to show you all of the things that I got this week! Hope you enjoy! See ya next week Mohawks! #goodtobeamohawk
This Friday I went to the football game where we won BIG TIME! It was awesome to see all of the homecoming candidates and see our boys win the homecoming game! Saturday I went to homecoming with a group of friends and had a blast and a half! I think the highlights of the night were getting to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings and going to Luke's for a bonfire afterwards! It was a bitter sweet night because it was such a fun night, but it's sad to say that it was my last homecoming EVER! I still have prom though! I posted some pictures above so you can see us before the dance! Hope to see you all next week! #goodtobeamohawk
Today was an awesome day! We had hallway decorating from 1-3 and the senior hallway turned out really well! There are a few pictures above to show you a little of what we accomplished! After we did hallway decorating, senior experience shot part of the homecoming court video! When it's all said and done, the video is going to be amazing and I'm super excited to shoot the rest and get the video edited and finished! All in all, it was a fun and productive day! See ya next week! #goodtobeamohawk
For the next few months my free time will most likely be spent at band practice or with my best friend Sydney. That is exactly what I did this week! Basically, we had practice everyday except Tuesday so this post is just about how well we did at our first competition (at Fenwick) yesterday! We got a 2 in our overall performance and won the award for best visuals! Band competitions are always fun but yesterday it just felt good to be back on the field, competing again! While this week was fun and productive, it was definitely tiring. I can't exactly say that I am ready to go back to school tomorrow, but I gotta push through and make the best of these last 8 months of high school! I am so excited to blog again for you all next week! See ya later Mohawks! #goodtobeamohawk
It's that time of the week again Mohawks! I truly love writing these blogs and I'm super pumped to tell you about what happened in my life this week! So this week (Thursday to be exact) I had my first session of senior pictures shot and I really think my photographer Rachael Leigh Curtis did an amazing job! There is a couple of them above that you can check out and I hope you like them as much as I do! This past weekend I went to the football game and I think the marching band show at half time went pretty well! I am really excited for our first competition next weekend! Anyways, I also hung out with some of my friends on Saturday at our 8th annual mattress sale and it was super fun and I think we made quite a bit of money for our Disney trip! Last but not least, I spent my day all day today with my youth group at church. We went to our youth pastor's house and everyone just chilled and ate food, which by the way is one of my favorite things to do! I had such an awesome time this weekend and I can't wait to share more of my life with you next week! Stay posted and stay cool Mohawks! #goodtobeamohawk


Hey again, Mohawks! It's the season everyone loves! FOOTBALL SEASON! Being in band, I also like to call it marching band season... but that's because competition season is my favorite season! Anyways, this week has been a roller coaster ride for the band and I as we prepare for half-time tomorrow. I am super pumped for the Madison vs. Monroe game and I totally think you all should check out the new Facebook profile picture frames for the game tomorrow! #beatmonroe P.S. Stay safe tomorrow, as there are several weather warnings and wear appropriate rain gear! See you all next week! #goodtobeamohawk