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5 Things I've learned to be true this year

1. It's okay to be wrong. Everybody makes mistakes. Without them, we wouldn't be human. But everybody also stands their ground for a little too long sometimes. I've come to find that admitting you're wrong doesn't make you any less of a person. If anything, it shows maturity and helps resolve conflict. Sure, it's fun to be right, but it isn't worth causing a fight or losing a friend. Agree to disagree. 
2. Attitude=Outcome I'm sure you've heard this one before, but I wouldn't repeat it if it wasn't true. If you go into something thinking it will be awful, you will pick out the negatives and it will be. But if you were to go in saying, "Hey I'm going to try this. Maybe it will turn out to be something great!" then just maybe, you would enjoy it more or receive a better end result. 
3. People will create a problem out of anything. We all know that in 2017, people in general are softer than they used to be. In the media, we see that everything is offensive to everyone. This is also true in our everyday lives. Recently, I have dealt with multiple people that have taken note of problems I wouldn't have even thought about. Sometimes, a problem to someone else is not an issue to you and that's okay. It can be annoying at times, but try not to be to harsh on others. It's the way we're programmed. Sometimes a person's past issues and hardships cause them to worry about present-day situations.
4. Forgive and Forget. This one goes hand in hand with the last. As much as you think you know someone, you may never truly have a good understanding of what they deal with. People aren't themselves when they're angry or upset and we need to take note of this in our everyday lives. Just because you've seen treat you poorly at their worst, it doesn't mean you know them at their best. Without forgiveness, we are just are wrong as the crimes that others commit.
5. Not everybody has to like you. This final statement is very important. You could try your hardest to get everybody you know to adore you but there will always be at least one person who just doesn't and that's okay. Somebody having a negative opinion of you does not correlate with you being a bad person. All that really matters is that you are happy with yourself and your friends. Never change to please somebody else.
Thank you for reading Mohawks! I hope you all enjoyed my blog and take my advice to heart. Have a great week :) <3 

Pictures at the Madison and Ohio State games
Hi Mohawks! My weekend was absolutely packed with football, family, and friends. I got to watch two of my favorite teams play their way to victory. On Friday night, I cheered on our Mohawks as we beat Carlisle 31-14!! This win means great things for our team. Our boys dedicate themselves like no other and Friday night's performance was truly a reflection of all of their hard work. After the game, I went to Sonic with a few of my friends where we enjoyed celebratory milkshakes. :) On Saturday after work, I went to the Ohio State game and watched them beat Maryland 62-14!!!! The food and company were so great and the beautiful weather made the night even better! Both games we so much fun to experience and I'm glad that it was a weekend full of victories. I hope you all had an amazing week! See you in the morning! #goodtobeamohawk :)
Homecoming weekend
Good afternoon Mohawks! I hope you all had the most amazing week! As you all know, last night was the annual Homecoming dance. I went with a group of eleven of my closest friends and we had the best time together. We took pictures, went out to eat, played games after the dance, and even took a Starbucks run! Making memories with my friends has definitely been one of the best parts of high school and last night was no exception. Although I am sad that it was my last Homecoming, I am very thankful that I got to spend it with my favorite people. Dancing, pictures, and food are a few things that never get old (in my opinion). Whether it was Homecoming or something else, I hope this weekend was great for you all. See you bright and early tomorrow! Go Mohawks!! :)
Homecoming week prep
Hi Mohawks!!!! and Happy Homecoming week! :) In case you haven't heard, the Mohawks had a great 48-28 win over Oakwood on Friday night! It was the Lumberjacks' Homecoming game but this week, it's our turn. I hope that you all are just as excited as I am. Our senior class worked very hard yesterday decorating our hallway and I saw some great things coming from the other classes as well. I look forward to seeing you all at the parade, pep rally, and Powderpuff games on Thursday! GO MOHAWKS!!! :)
List of deeds

Hi Mohawks! For this week’s blog I’d like to introduce you to this exercise I’ve started doing. In wake of all the craziness and hate taking place in our world right now, I have decided to set aside a notebook specifically for me and my progress as a person. At the end of each day, I write one nice thing that I’ve done since waking up that morning. These acts of kindness don’t have to be huge (that’s not the point). It can even be something as simple as holding the door for a stranger! These acts are things that you probably do anyway. The point is to help you better yourself and realize the impact that you have on others. You don’t even need to tell anyone what you’re doing! Sure, logging your good deeds won’t end hunger, but if everyone started challenging themselves to be a little nicer, the World would become a much better place. And when you’re a little down on yourself (it happens to the best of us), all you have to do is read what you’ve written and you will see how important you are to everyone around you. You are appreciated! I challenge you all to try this exercise in the coming week and let me know how it goes. An outcome is the result of a process!! :) Go Mohawks!

Football fun

Hi Mohawks! With us interns still being in our first few blogs, I would like to just update you all on my school year thus far. As you know, the fall season is in full swing. All of our teams are doing incredible! Right now, volleyball is winning matches left and right. Just Saturday, they beat Tri County North. Golf is doing excellent, as always, and both the girls tennis team and girls soccer teams are continuously advancing. Not to mention, the boys soccer team is 4-1-1! As far as our Friday nights, football stands with a hopeful 1-1 record. :)

            Overall, senior year is pretty great. I love my teachers and my classes. I love attending all of those crazy sporting events, and I love weekends with my friends. I even like most of my assignments! I have only one complaint: the ACT. Otherwise known as the standardized test that determines your entire future after high school. You can imagine that its not one of my favorite things and it’s coming up this Saturday. Although I am not excited about it, I know going in with a negative attitude will do nothing but make things worse. So here I am, NOT worrying about it! With it being the first full week of September, everyone is starting to find Homecoming in the back of their minds. It's nice to see so many people looking forward to the same thing. Anyway, that’s where I am at right now with my new year. It’s typical “senior stuff” I guess. ;) Enjoy these pictures from the last few Friday nights. I hope you all are loving your school year as much as I am! As always, thank you for reading and never forget:

My Top 5: A New School Year

  1. Seeing All of Your Friends

Sure, you said you’d see each other but let’s face it; summer is busy! I love getting to see everyone that I got little time with over the summer. Reconnecting is always nice.

  1. New School Supplies

No matter how you feel about school as a whole, you have to admit that there’s nothing like a fresh pack of pens. Picking out new folders and fresh paper is always refreshing. Who doesn’t love office supplies?

  1. All New Classes

Sure, you may not be an algebra person. Or maybe you just have something against gym class, but it’s a whole new year!!! New teachers, new subjects, and new classmates

  1. Fall Weather Approaching

We all have our favorite seasons, but everyone knows there’s just something magical when leaves are falling and there’s pumpkin-flavored everything. And of course… Mohawk football!!! ;)

  1. A Clean Slate

No matter the outcome of last year, you now have this one. It’s a fresh start and a great time to step up your game (Both academically and literally). There’s no better time to be a Mohawk. Make new friends!!! Join a club!!! Get those A’s!!!

These first few weeks set the pace for the whole year and I am very proud to say that I have seen MANY Mohawks working their hardest. Keep it up guys! I hope you're all as excited for this year as I am. Thank you all for reading and always remember...


Summer Adventures
  Hi Mohawks! Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful summer and an easy transition into the new school year. I know I did! My name is Jenna Schwab and I'm super excited to spend my senior year blogging for you all. I am a Varsity football and competitive cheerleader here at Madison. I also participate in National Honor Society, College Credit Plus, church, Spanish Club, tumbling classes, and carry a part-time job on the weekends. A few of my favorite things include spending time with my friends, reading, hanging out with my family, water skiing, listening to music, camping, and taking long drives. I love life as a Mohawk and I'm sad to see the end drawing near, but while I may be on edge about the future, I remind myself to live in the moment. I can't wait to see what my senior year has in store and I'm so glad I get to share my journey with you all. Thanks for reading and don't forget to subscribe to see my new posts! Let's make this year a great one!! GO MOHAWKS!!! :) 
P.S. Attached are a few highlights of my summer ;)