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Why You Should Apply for CCP ASAP

Hey Mohawks! Looking through my past blogs I noticed it's been awhile since I've made a listicle so I decided to do one a little different. Sophomore year I decided to start taking College Credit Plus classes after being encouraged by some of my friends. It can be difficult at times but it is one of the best decisions I've made and I want to highlight a few of the reasons why,
1. FREE college of course!
So obviously the entire point is to earn both college and high school credit. But in doing so, this means that if you decide to go to school after high school, you will more than likely have credits that you need out of your way. With the crazy costs of college these days, it's nice to know that I have a few credits under my belt. 
2. A chance to spend time with friends
I have taken many of my classes at MUM with friends from my class. This made the whole experience a little more comfortable. It was nice to have friends to meet up and work with when we were all a little stuck. It also allowed us to make time for lunches together that we might not have had otherwise. 
3. Making new friends
 Although I took a lot of classes with friends from Madison, I also took a few by myself. I liked doing this because it was a very easy transition and forced me to put myself out there a little bit more. I've made friends with many people from MUM and its nice knowing that they're there to help me next semester and maybe even in the future. 
4. Free(ish) Time
I'm not sure about the schedules at Cincinnati State or the other CCP options but there is no MUM class in which you have to be on campus every day. Right now I am taking one class online and one on campus that meets twice a week. The days that I don't have class, I get to go home. It's nice to have this time to work online or catch up on my Madison homework. And days when my workload is lighter, its nice to have a little nap (or even shopping spree) before practice. ;)
5. Skills for the future
Don't get me wrong, CCP is rewarding but it is also a challenge. There are many papers to be written, topics to be researched, and projects to be completed all in small time frames. Sometimes its hard to keep up with with sports and everything else, but I think that it's worth it. It has taught me how to use my time more wisely. I have also learned that professors will not always treat you the way you want to be treated. However, their deadlines and comments often are not without purpose. As a whole, I am very glad that I have a better understanding of what to expect going into school next year. 

Amy's Birthday at Soho
    Good morning Mohawks! It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that this weekend was our one of the school year without a Friday night football game! It felt a little weird, but I got the chance to do some pretty awesome things instead. The picture above is from Friday night. In celebration of her eighteenth birthday, our friend Amy invited a few of us to eat at Soho in West Chester. The food was amazing and our chef was very entertaining. I love getting to do things like this with my friends, but it's so crazy to think that we're legally becoming adults.
    On Saturday, I worked my usual 9:00-4:00 shift. It was hectic as always but somehow, went by just a little bit faster. Afterward, I went to dinner at Bourbon's Kitchen where it seemed as if everybody and their brother was there! It's an awesome atmosphere with great food. My only complaint is the space that its in. Its too great to be able to host so few people! Hopefully they will expand with time. After dinner, we went home to watch Star Wars and play cards with my parents' friends. We ended up playing until almost 1:00 am and I was worn out. Up until last Wednesday, I had never seen any of the Star Wars movies. Now, my goal is to watch them all in order to go see the new one by the end of the year. A bunch of my family members are huge fans so I'm a little surprised I have made it this far without seeing them. Right now however, I'm really enjoying learning about the characters and situations. 
     Sunday was a lazy day. As a result of Saturday, I didn't even wake up until 11:00! It was nice to sleep in for a change. The rest of my day was composed of watching Friends, work, and boring online tests. It was nice to have a low key weekend knowing this week's schedule. With it being the last full week of Miami classes, things are about to get a little crazy for me. I hope you all had an awesome weekend as well and a prepared for the week ahead. Only two more until Christmas break!! :) 

Hi all!!
     Over Thanksgiving break I had a lot going on. I picked up some extra hours at work in my free time, but I was fortunate enough to be off on Thanksgiving day. My Grandpa and my uncle always host at different times soooooooo as a result, I ate a little too much once again this year. :) It was really nice to keep these traditions going and catch up with some family that I don't always get to see. Change is good but sometimes its nice to sit at your same spot at the same table, and enjoy your aunt's same, DELICIOUS cheesy potatoes. :) Not knowing what next year will bring is a little unsettling, but I hope wherever I end up I'm able to make it home for the holidays. 
     As you all know, our record-breaking season of Mohawk football has come to an end. It's upsetting knowing we were one game shy of a championship, but just amazing thinking about how far we've come. For the first time in Madison history our boys made it to the playoffs. People said it couldn't be done and when we did it, they said we wouldn't make it past week eleven. But we did. Our boys all played their hearts out and blessed us with a whole extra MONTH of Mohawk football. I am so glad that I got to cheer such an incredible team this far. Our boys made making history look easy and it was so incredibly awesome to witness. 
     Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's officially Christmastime! I spent a large portion of my break decorating, listening to Christmas music, and of course starting my Christmas shopping. I find myself saying his more and more often, but I can't believe that the year is coming to an end already! It seems as if soon as I start to believe time can't go by any faster, it does! However, I am not complaining. I love everything about the Christmas season. The general feeling that arises this time of year is just indescribable and it makes me happy knowing that it's approaching so quickly. Going to light displays and listening to the music are a few of my favorite things that come with the time. I even took my first visit of the year to Light Up Middletown on Saturday! I'm super excited to do more things like this with my friends and family. 
Have a great week Mohawks!! :)

going... going... going... STILL GOING!!!!

Hey Mohawks! For last week's blog I decided to give you a break from the football updates. But on Friday night, we beat West Jefferson 42-7!!!!! This means that our boys are regional champions and will be advancing to the State semi-finals at Chilicothe.
This been an absolutely crazy ride and I'm having so much fun cheering on our Mohawks. Us girls have actually had a hard time in the playoffs because anytime we start to cheer, we are drowned out by our crowd. If you ask me, this is an excellent problem to have. There is seriously nothing like the energy that I have seen these past few games. Not to mention, this is the first year that I did not try out for basketball cheerleading so I am soaking up every second that I can get!! Mohawks from all classes are coming together like never before and its an amazing thing to witness. With scrimmages in the first week of school, what a way to kick off senior year!!!
I hope that you all enjoy your Thanksgiving break and rest up in time to make the trip on Friday. It may be a little longer than we're used to, but I have the feeling that it will definitely be worth it!! Eat until you can eat no more!!! And as always... it's REALLY #goodtobeamohawk
#breakingtraditons ;)

Hi Mohawks! Below are two articles that I completely agree with, but almost contradict each other. I wanted to share them with you because I believe they both have very valuable information for living a happier life. Remember, help others as often as possible, but never forget about your own wants and needs!
I hope you enjoy these readings and have had a wonderful week! I'm looking forward to seeing you all at 7:30 on Friday ONCE AGAIN!! ;) Spread love and happiness.
XO, Jenna :)

The "Home Field Advantage"

Hey Mohawks! I know you all may be sick of hearing about our football team but unfortunately, you’re about to again! Friday night was one of the craziest things I have ever experienced. At any given moment during the game, you were able to look around and see hundreds of Mohawks standing and cheering for our team. The stadium was absolutely filled with students, parents, teachers, mini-Mohawks, alumni, and even neighboring schools. The game itself was also extremely intense. When Anna scored for the second time, silence fell over the crowd, but not everyone gave up hope. They watched attentively. With only 56 seconds left, the Mohawks scored the winning touchdown and got the extra point making the final score 14-10. The boys knew they were making history on Friday but decided to take it one step further. I’m so proud of our Mohawks and am looking forward to watching them take on CHCA Friday at Lakota East. I hope to see lots of familiar faces! Now more than ever… it’s #goodtobeamohawk (Video Credit: Kim Joseph)
Football Season
Hi Mohawks!!! In case you haven't heard... THE FOOTBALL TEAM IS GOING TO PLAYOFFS!!!!! ;) This is the very first time in history and a huge step for our school. On Friday, we will host the Anna Rockets. Things may get a little crazy considering its the first Playoff game to ever be played at Brandenburg Field, but we are all very prepared and excited to take this on. If you'd like to buy tickets here are the times and prices:
General Admission: $8.00
Wednesday 11/1 8:00-2:30 (Athletic Office)
Wednesday 11/1 5:00-7:00 (Field House)
Thursday 11/1 8:00-2:30 (Athletic Office)
Thursday 11/2 5:00-7:00 (Field House)
*$9.00 at the gate, kids 6 and under: free
I hope to see you all there! Go Mohawks!! :)

Senior Struggles

      Hey Mohawks! I've had a lot on my mind these past few days so tonight I will be putting you through yet another wordy blog! ;) You can imagine that as a senior, stress about the future is at an all time high. For me right now, this is truer than ever. Two huge things happened for me this weekend as far as my future is concerned. On Friday, I got accepted into The University of The Cumberlands!! This is a school that I've had my eye on for a while and got the opportunity to visit over the summer. The campus is gorgeous and everyone there was so welcoming. The only problem is that it's three and a half hours away from our beautiful Township. :( I have a while to think about it, but I will say that I'm very thankful to be accepted. It makes this whole process a little more comfortable. On Saturday, I paid a visit to The Ohio State University. Another campus that I found stunning. I went with my mom, aunt, and cousin and we all had a wonderful time eating Buckeyes and exploring. I also visited Miami Oxford over the summer and just adored it. Falling in love with three schools has sent me on a roller coaster of emotions. And  I'm applying to others I haven't even got to visit! There are so many factors that go into my acceptances and decisions that make it all seem very overwhelming.
       What I'm getting at may sound like an exaggeration but here goes: this next week determines my future. I have until Saturday to make my last preparations for my third and final ACT and I'm really hoping that the "third time's a charm" rule kicks in. This will determine a lot. Just following that, Wednesday November 1st marks the early action deadline of a few colleges I'm applying to. This means I have just over a week to write and finalize my Common Application Essay. Although this may not be the date for every college I'm applying to, this is the date that I plan to be DONE with college apps. Sooooooo, I have a busy week ahead to say the least!
       I hope you all enjoyed readying about my planning (if you made it this far HAHA!). I want you to keep in mind that I wrote this to inform-not annoy-you. As crazy and obnoxious as this process is, it is sad and exciting as well. The thought of no longer being a Mohawk next year still blows my mind. I hope you all have a great week! Thank you for reading! :) #HITTHATAPPLE #GOMOHAWKS!!! #GOPATS!? #MAYBE! ;)

5 Things I've learned to be true this year

1. It's okay to be wrong. Everybody makes mistakes. Without them, we wouldn't be human. But everybody also stands their ground for a little too long sometimes. I've come to find that admitting you're wrong doesn't make you any less of a person. If anything, it shows maturity and helps resolve conflict. Sure, it's fun to be right, but it isn't worth causing a fight or losing a friend. Agree to disagree. 
2. Attitude=Outcome I'm sure you've heard this one before, but I wouldn't repeat it if it wasn't true. If you go into something thinking it will be awful, you will pick out the negatives and it will be. But if you were to go in saying, "Hey I'm going to try this. Maybe it will turn out to be something great!" then just maybe, you would enjoy it more or receive a better end result. 
3. People will create a problem out of anything. We all know that in 2017, people in general are softer than they used to be. In the media, we see that everything is offensive to everyone. This is also true in our everyday lives. Recently, I have dealt with multiple people that have taken note of problems I wouldn't have even thought about. Sometimes, a problem to someone else is not an issue to you and that's okay. It can be annoying at times, but try not to be to harsh on others. It's the way we're programmed. Sometimes a person's past issues and hardships cause them to worry about present-day situations.
4. Forgive and Forget. This one goes hand in hand with the last. As much as you think you know someone, you may never truly have a good understanding of what they deal with. People aren't themselves when they're angry or upset and we need to take note of this in our everyday lives. Just because you've seen treat you poorly at their worst, it doesn't mean you know them at their best. Without forgiveness, we are just are wrong as the crimes that others commit.
5. Not everybody has to like you. This final statement is very important. You could try your hardest to get everybody you know to adore you but there will always be at least one person who just doesn't and that's okay. Somebody having a negative opinion of you does not correlate with you being a bad person. All that really matters is that you are happy with yourself and your friends. Never change to please somebody else.
Thank you for reading Mohawks! I hope you all enjoyed my blog and take my advice to heart. Have a great week :) <3 

Summer Adventures
  Hi Mohawks! Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful summer and an easy transition into the new school year. I know I did! My name is Jenna Schwab and I'm super excited to spend my senior year blogging for you all. I am a Varsity football and competitive cheerleader here at Madison. I also participate in National Honor Society, College Credit Plus, church, Spanish Club, tumbling classes, and carry a part-time job on the weekends. A few of my favorite things include spending time with my friends, reading, hanging out with my family, water skiing, listening to music, camping, and taking long drives. I love life as a Mohawk and I'm sad to see the end drawing near, but while I may be on edge about the future, I remind myself to live in the moment. I can't wait to see what my senior year has in store and I'm so glad I get to share my journey with you all. Thanks for reading and don't forget to subscribe to see my new posts! Let's make this year a great one!! GO MOHAWKS!!! :) 
P.S. Attached are a few highlights of my summer ;)
Football fun

Hi Mohawks! With us interns still being in our first few blogs, I would like to just update you all on my school year thus far. As you know, the fall season is in full swing. All of our teams are doing incredible! Right now, volleyball is winning matches left and right. Just Saturday, they beat Tri County North. Golf is doing excellent, as always, and both the girls tennis team and girls soccer teams are continuously advancing. Not to mention, the boys soccer team is 4-1-1! As far as our Friday nights, football stands with a hopeful 1-1 record. :)

            Overall, senior year is pretty great. I love my teachers and my classes. I love attending all of those crazy sporting events, and I love weekends with my friends. I even like most of my assignments! I have only one complaint: the ACT. Otherwise known as the standardized test that determines your entire future after high school. You can imagine that its not one of my favorite things and it’s coming up this Saturday. Although I am not excited about it, I know going in with a negative attitude will do nothing but make things worse. So here I am, NOT worrying about it! With it being the first full week of September, everyone is starting to find Homecoming in the back of their minds. It's nice to see so many people looking forward to the same thing. Anyway, that’s where I am at right now with my new year. It’s typical “senior stuff” I guess. ;) Enjoy these pictures from the last few Friday nights. I hope you all are loving your school year as much as I am! As always, thank you for reading and never forget:

List of deeds

Hi Mohawks! For this week’s blog I’d like to introduce you to this exercise I’ve started doing. In wake of all the craziness and hate taking place in our world right now, I have decided to set aside a notebook specifically for me and my progress as a person. At the end of each day, I write one nice thing that I’ve done since waking up that morning. These acts of kindness don’t have to be huge (that’s not the point). It can even be something as simple as holding the door for a stranger! These acts are things that you probably do anyway. The point is to help you better yourself and realize the impact that you have on others. You don’t even need to tell anyone what you’re doing! Sure, logging your good deeds won’t end hunger, but if everyone started challenging themselves to be a little nicer, the World would become a much better place. And when you’re a little down on yourself (it happens to the best of us), all you have to do is read what you’ve written and you will see how important you are to everyone around you. You are appreciated! I challenge you all to try this exercise in the coming week and let me know how it goes. An outcome is the result of a process!! :) Go Mohawks!

Homecoming week prep
Hi Mohawks!!!! and Happy Homecoming week! :) In case you haven't heard, the Mohawks had a great 48-28 win over Oakwood on Friday night! It was the Lumberjacks' Homecoming game but this week, it's our turn. I hope that you all are just as excited as I am. Our senior class worked very hard yesterday decorating our hallway and I saw some great things coming from the other classes as well. I look forward to seeing you all at the parade, pep rally, and Powderpuff games on Thursday! GO MOHAWKS!!! :)
Homecoming weekend
Good afternoon Mohawks! I hope you all had the most amazing week! As you all know, last night was the annual Homecoming dance. I went with a group of eleven of my closest friends and we had the best time together. We took pictures, went out to eat, played games after the dance, and even took a Starbucks run! Making memories with my friends has definitely been one of the best parts of high school and last night was no exception. Although I am sad that it was my last Homecoming, I am very thankful that I got to spend it with my favorite people. Dancing, pictures, and food are a few things that never get old (in my opinion). Whether it was Homecoming or something else, I hope this weekend was great for you all. See you bright and early tomorrow! Go Mohawks!! :)
Pictures at the Madison and Ohio State games
Hi Mohawks! My weekend was absolutely packed with football, family, and friends. I got to watch two of my favorite teams play their way to victory. On Friday night, I cheered on our Mohawks as we beat Carlisle 31-14!! This win means great things for our team. Our boys dedicate themselves like no other and Friday night's performance was truly a reflection of all of their hard work. After the game, I went to Sonic with a few of my friends where we enjoyed celebratory milkshakes. :) On Saturday after work, I went to the Ohio State game and watched them beat Maryland 62-14!!!! The food and company were so great and the beautiful weather made the night even better! Both games we so much fun to experience and I'm glad that it was a weekend full of victories. I hope you all had an amazing week! See you in the morning! #goodtobeamohawk :)