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Dr. Cheryl Scrivner, Curriculum Coordinator


Dr. Scrivner provides guidance, support and materials to the teachers and administrators of the Madison Local School District as they implement the Board approved courses of study. The goal of the Curriculum Department is to help provide a quality education for every child in Madison Local Schools from grades PK-12. Committees of teachers and administrators throughout the district assist the Curriculum Department in reviewing and rewriting courses of study for each of the courses taught.




Under the Ohio ESEA Flexibility Waiver, Ohio school districts are no longer required by Federal law to offer Supplemental Educational Services (SES) or Public School Choice (PSC).

However, this will not change interventions and support for Madison students.  Madison Local Schools will continue to provide in district classroom interventions, tutoring, and other academic supports for students.  Parents may speak with the classroom teacher to begin this process.